The European insurance group UNIQA Group, has launched a new Jive-based Interactive Intranet to strengthen strategic alignment and employee engagement across its global workforce. With this modern corporate communications solution, the rapidly growing company is cultivating a more transparent, unified culture, while gaining a better understanding of the reach and impact of its internal messages.

In fact, over the past fifteen years, UNIQA Group acquired several insurance companies during its push into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). 22,000 employees and exclusive sales partners are serving more than 10 million customers in 19 countries. UNIQA’s 100 percent subsidiary, UNIQA International, manages 15 markets in the CEE growth region—most of which operate with different languages, cultures and other regional distinctions.

The company’s international communications team struggled to efficiently deliver announcements and messages to various countries via email, multiple disconnected static intranets and expensive in-person meetings.

“As we expand, we’re striving to be a different kind of insurer. The cornerstone of our operations is company-wide personal contact and direct collaboration amongst all employees throughout our countries and local branches,” says Gabriela Rusu, head of group communication at UNIQA. “Jive will bring us a big step forward in this journey by connecting those offices, and facilitating employee engagement and change management. We made the switch to Jive’s Interactive Intranet because we need a secure, cloud-based solution—with both powerful communications and collaboration functionality that save the organisation significant time and money.”

The interactive intranet, called UNIQAspace, launched this summer to facilitate communications that reach thousands of employees across all of the company’s markets. The platform makes it easy for executives to interact with employees through blogs and videos. People can ask questions, comment, share and discuss, opening up transparent dialogue between executives and country teams that fosters alignment around the company’s vision. UNIQAspace also provides consumer-style mobile apps with easy ways for employees to get company news, stay connected and participate wherever they go.


UNIQA’s human resources and corporate communications teams benefit from the real-time impact metrics that monitor the sentiment of employees across the organisation. With insight into who’s reading messages and how they’re responding, they can improve communications for better results.

Employees can also use UNIQAspace as a digital workplace that harnesses collective intelligence, promotes knowledge sharing and improves project management. For example, the company’s underwriters, claims managers, and actuaries can easily search for internal experts, find related materials, and collaborate with each other across geographical borders to spread best practices and improve international processes.

“Outdated intranets and other communication tools no longer engage modern workers. So keeping employees aligned and invested in a company’s mission is more important to business success than ever before,” says David Macmillan, senior vice president of global sales at Jive Software. “Jive is helping UNIQA build connections during a pivotal time for the organisation. By opening up company-wide communication and shifting from one-way messages into rich, multi-directional interactions, UNIQA is enhancing employees’ engagement in delivering the business’ strategic initiatives.”