Sacks Bee, a tea company based in Kolkata – the city of Joy, and their philanthropic leader Nabarun Gupta, has brewed a company culture that cares not only for its employees but also for the local community. During pandemic they have ensured that this care is not interrupted, caring less for profits and more for people. 

Sacks Bee, one of the sterling local businesses in Kolkata, have created a niche for themselves in heavily competitive tea industry dominated by big brands with Krishnendu Bhattacharya as the CEO of the company. However, what makes them stand-out is the compassion and kindness with which they have treated their employees and the local community during pandemic, led by none other than their Consultant Tea Taster and Blender Nabarun Gupta. One of the first things that Sacks Bee ensured was financial stability during these times of crisis. The company continued paying remuneration regularly and timely to all its employees. The company also helped employees maintain government protocols like sanitization, mask distribution, transport facility as well as social distancing during working hours as well as medical attention. It is needless to say that serving people in right time with affirmative activities, is blessings of God, thus Covid 19, has taught us how you will be useful towards your society and a perfect human being and perhaps that we called “KARMA”.

However, Sacks Bee has gone beyond the expected call of duty in supporting people during times of pandemic. Nabarun Gupta has extended this support to the local community as well. HER SMILE, an NGO, was founded by him in the year 2019. The NGO is dedicated helping deprived women, who are financially and socially deprived, with an effort to help them become financially independent, as well as help them carve an individual identity for themselves, showing them that they have every right to be happy in their lives. The NGO is supported by other like-minded people. Once the pandemic set-in, the NGO expanded its work to supporting people impacted worst by the crisis. 

 Nabarun recalls an incident that shook him to the core – “This incident happened perhaps on 20th March 2020 at around 9:45pm. Someone called me and requesting for some rice, vegetables, and other food items. I found out that the person was jobless, and pandemic had made his situation worse. Realizing he and his family were in dire need, I immediately sorted out his issue. But this incident made me think that there may be a lot of people in similar situation because of the ensuing crisis. Next day, I drove to the nearest police station and obtained a No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) – a letter of permission that is needed for volunteer service. After that I drove down with aid to different parts of the city and help as many people as I could. I am a strong believer of God and I consider myself as a servant of God. Anyways, during the next one and half months myself and my team of volunteers, helped me to distribute raw food as well as cooked food through the police station, clubs, old age homes etc. I personally took the initiative to reach out to people with medicines, raw vegetables, pulses, and other ration items, with the help of as much resource I could pool-in.”

Leadership People Philosophy

“LEAD YOUR LIFE SIMILAR TO A DICTIONARY. PROVIDING MEANING TO EVERYONE WHO REFERS TO YOU – Philosophy stands for my life, that above all I am a servant of God. I am his representative, and there is a purpose for which I am on this earth, born and brought up as human being. Thus, I work like a professional & live like human being. People around me say I have leadership ability, if so I strongly believe a leader must lead from the front without any expectation and believe in good ‘Karma’ which will ultimately bring back a fortune and make more leaders for future.” – Nabarun Gupta, Consultant Tea Taster and Blender, Sacks Bee.

Employee Testimonials

 “Last year due to the pandemic and lockdown, our factory was closed for many days, yet the company ensured that we got our full salaries. That was a great help and we never lost confidence. Nabarun Sir does plenty of social work as well supporting our local community. I really wish to thank God for giving me the opportunity to work in this company blessed by such compassionate and kind leaders.” – Ajay Das, Employee Sacks Bee

 “I have been working with this company for last 12 years and I am lucky that I was given an opportunity to work in this company. It is indeed a blessing to have a leader like Nabarun Sir. He loves all his employees. During this pandemic period, he regularly checks on our welfare and wellbeing of our families. T he company has ensured that our salaries were never interrupted even though work was, so that our families do not face any hardships. I and my family are grateful and deeply indebted to him and to this company. I hope everything goes back to normal soon, like it was before and we are able to return to our work. Let’s join our hands in praying to God that he forgives our sins and makes this earth beautiful again.” – Tarun Chakraborty, Employee Sacks Bee

About Sacks Bee

SACKS BEE was incorporated in the year 1999, as Tea Bag Services Provider as a proprietorship concern. Till 2005 Sacks Bee used to pack teabags, catering to different Indian companies as a contract packer and used to do turnkey projects on various packet tea development, their cost analysis, feasibility and price determination, etc. as well as consultancy on Tea tasting, buying, product standardisation, quality control to make a product viable and consumable to the ultimate consumers. But in the year 2005, it was converted into a Partnership Company and ventured into its own packet tea development and marketed/promoted it in various parts of the country. In the last 15 years the teamwork, honest services as well as togetherness of its team has helped it to grow with its own teabag as well as packed tea factory setup and presently the company is managing around 7nos. different kinds of tea bag machine with efficient and knowledgeable professionals. Its packet tea unit (including blending) with utmost skilful employees, a strength of 55 heads in different segments, with an assurance of in time delivery, quality control, maintaining standardization of product, strict monitoring of work at a competitive price into Indian as well as overseas market –