When the going gets tough, the tough get going – normally this saying is quoted to show how “committed employees” strive hard in the face of adversity. But then again these are not “normal” times. While the pandemic in all its varied effects has thrown open to scrutiny, the complex relationship between organizations and employees, it has also provided the unique opportunity for organizations to demonstrate the value it places in its employees.

Saluto have always believed that its employees are at the core of what they stand for and do. Therefore, when the onslaught of the pandemic began, the actions that the company undertook to assuage the nerves of the employees seemed to come very natural to them. These actions can be broadly classified under the following heads, Transparent Communication, Leadership Coaching, Personal Development & Upskilling, Financial Assistance, and enabling WFH Infrastructure. 

Transparent Communication

As soon as the company had an inkling at the possibility of the pandemic spreading across India in lines with what was happening elsewhere, it took a call to allow employees to work from home with immediate effect so as to ensure that they and their family members were physically and emotionally safe. All team meetings and interactions were immediately moved online. Through a virtual townhall meeting all employees were addressed to give them a roadmap on how the company would be addressing the pandemic at an organisational level and actions required at an individual level. This two-way transparent communication proved crucial to remove any conjecture in the minds of employees and allowing them to put faith in the organization.

Leadership Coaching

The fact that the pandemic affected the overall business environment resulting in rescheduling of various projects, it provided the company with an opportunity to carve-out time and enroll their senior management in a structured six month leadership coaching program facilitated by a renowned external coach and trainer. The Leadership coaching program amongst others has positively impacted the senior managers to be more empowered, promote free thinking, tune themselves with the organizational objectives, encourage self-awareness and increase overall engagement. Post coaching, they have also displayed more understating of the requirements of their team members undertaking coaching and training session for them. 

Technical Upskilling

The initial structured roadmap for employees encouraged them to use free time to skill themselves technically in newer areas. This has helped develop multi skilled resources who in turn act as an internal support backup. Apart from improved skill development this has allowed proper task distribution and increased efficiency.

Financial Assistance

The pandemic has shown us that it is times like these that organizations can truly stand by their employees in their hour of need and walk the talk. Saluto prides in itself that their employees trusted in them and did not think twice before reaching out to the company about their emergencies. These gestures however normal on behalf of the organization creates a lot of positive vibes among employees especially in times like these, reinforcing employee commitment and belief.

WFH Infrastructure Support

Before the Covid19 episode, Work from Home was very new to the company. But being a small team it allowed them to implement it faster. Be it by providing laptops to all employees or data connectivity or flexibility in work timings, the company ensured that the transition from an on-premise to a Work from Home set-up was very smooth and seamless.

Leadership People Philosophy

 At Saluto, we put our people & their well-being at the centre of our thinking to build a Human-oriented economy. We support & maximize the potential of our employees by providing them tools, resources and an environment to thrive.We respect our people, provide equal opportunity, inspire & nurture them to succeed professionally & personally.  Sivakumar – Co-founder & CEO

While “Employee First” has always been a core value for Saluto, our actions during the pandemic embedded trust in it. Be it, investing in employee development or demonstrating care, it made it easy for employees to experience the values we stand for first hand. Anoop Nambiar – Co-founder & COO

Employee Testimonials

 The leadership coaching program to which I was nominated during the initial Covid19 lockdown period was both individually and professional transformational for me. It has made me a better leader, husband, friend and family member. Mr. Sanjay Agawal sessions have enabled me with the tools to be both self motivated and to motivate others. Today I have the confidence to challenge conventional wisdom, explore alternatives and move outside the comfort zone for true growth to happen. I have learned that fear should never be the reason to avoid something! Even at home, I have become a better listener. Each of these experiences was life-changing and has had a lasting impact on me personally and professionally. Raju Kumar – Head Application Development

 So thankful to Saluto Wellness Private LimitedSiva Kumar and Anoop Nambiar for believing in me enough to invest in my leadership training this past year.

Honoured to work with an organisation that thinks so futuristically, graciously and optimistically in these uncertain times of lockdowns, job losses and pay cuts all around us. 

The 6 months coaching program was power packed could well be called a mini bespoke MBA, customised to one’s individual strengths and areas for improvement, keeping in mind current industry challenges + organisational requirements. I have learnt A LOT and I can see how these session learnings have – (a) given me momentum and many methods to handle the madness that is sometimes work-life; and, (b) kindled a way of thinking in me which can enrich my personal / professional life for years to come.
I’m confident I will reap the fruits of these learnings for a long time to come. Puja Aditya – Creative Head


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Saluto partners with organizations to

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  2. Meaningfully Engage with their target audience through Privileges, Benefits & Well-being to create an emotional bond.
  3. Improve ROI of programmes with our domain expertise, cutting-edge technology, best practices & processes.
  4. Build loyalty & brand advocacy for the company & brand.

Saluto’s digital platform, solutions & services is designed to help organisations attract, retain, motivate & engage with the key stake holders to improve productivity & performance.