Founders of Blossoms Promotional Products and Creations, a local business situated in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore (India) shows the way how compassionate people management during the pandemic and trust in young talent has created a new ray of hope for the business and its stakeholders.

Blossoms Promotional Products and Creations Started in the year 1998 by Mr. Arif BAIG and Mrs. Geethal Baig. The company deals in corporate gifts and promotional range of T-Shirts, Mask, Caps, Jerkins, Bags, Umbrellas.  “BlueAsh” is a brand of Blossoms. Pandemic has been tough for most businesses and for Blossoms it has been no different.  With businesses stuttering, the corporate gifting business also started to take a severe hit.  At one point of time when the founders thought that the company might have to take a back seat, it was young entrepreneur and their son Adnan Baig who came up with the idea of introducing Promotional Mask to keep the business going.  It was then Blossoms started their new rage of Product, Mask 4U.   It kept the business running as these products was well appreciated by their clients.  With the help of this new young leader and dedication of the entire staff, Blossoms, blossomed again and ensured that it can be a safe ship during the storm.

The founders consider Team Blossoms as a part of their extended family, and they believe in facing good times and difficult times together. They firmly believe and live in their motto – ‘Celebration Comes when the common features of life are Redeemed’.   The most difficult times show the true colour of a person, Blossoms is blessed by the fact that their staff voluntarily came forward to say that the company could pay them only a part salary in these difficult times. The founders were touched by this gesture and leaving things in God’s hands,  the company has to never had to disappoint them.  

In this uncertain time of the pandemic, when many companies were announcing pay cuts and layoffs, Blossoms decided to support the staff monetary by paying them full salary and distributed food packets, and made charity to people who are closely associated to us and in need of assistance. Being the festival time –Ramadan, the company made it possible for many to celebrate the festival at their homes with their loved ones.   The priority was to keep all employees and their families safe, healthy and maintain their financial stability. The founders took upon themselves to call each employee regularly and inquire about their welfare. While, the employees were always eager to get back to their office, however the founders never took a decision that will compromise the safety and wellness of their employees.

Blossom also believes in caring for the community during one of the toughest existential crisis that the world has ever faced. Keeping this in mind, young entrepreneur Adnan Baig also founded an NGO “UMEED Bengaluru” and distributed food packets and free masks to people in need.

Leadership People Philosophy

 “Blossoms is not just a Company but an extended Family. The Hard work and talent of the entire team is the Mantra of Success. We have hired our employees based on our intuition. Interest shown by the employees to upgrade their skills and understanding of companies’ culture, system and work procedures gives us a sense of satisfaction and attachment of an extended family” – Arif Baig founder of Blossoms Promotional Products and Creations

 “Dream Big, Start Small, Work Hard, Stay Focused, Keep Going Forward. No matter what size the business is, success is the result of continuous hard and smart efforts put in by our happy and valued employees. Strength, commitment, dedication and their emotional connections with the organization can be judged as an asset and sense of oneness” – Geethal Baig Co-founder of Blossoms Promotional Products and Creations

Employee Testimonials

“Blossoms is a place where talent, Hard work and determination is a priority. A workplace pleasant and respect for every staff is a wonderful feeling. The trust and support entrusted to complete our jobs is most satisfying part of this organization.   Efforts to upgrade our skills and  keeping our spirits high, by celebrating every occasion be it a Festival, Birthday Celebration of every Staff ,  Women’s Day keeps us happy at all time. 

 Thanks to Arif Sir and Mam who have never let us down during the most difficult time of the pandemic.  Their monetary support and care for the entire staff felt like a family.  Made us feel safe with their support for us” – Arshiya Banu. Designation- Admin Head

“Great working environment for all round development of the individual. Blossoms is the place that has taught me work, care and respect other people in a Team. Team Work is a key to success. A continuous upgrading of the accounting system to keep up with the Corporates Business is a good place to work and prepare myself for challenges. 

 Blossoms had challenging situations to face during the Pandemic.  I was really surprised and overjoyed by the company’s gesture of keeping our spirits high by taking care of our needs and continuous effort to enquire about me and our family during the lockdown. We stayed at home and stayed safe with the support that there was someone to take care of us at this difficult time” – Shanth Kumar. Designation- Accounts Dept.

About Blossoms

A Butterfly is a symbol of transformation because of its impressive process of Metamorphosis, so is a Blossomed flower a representation of a good attractive relationship and successful qualities. This became inspiration for the naming the company as “BLOSSOMS PROMOTOTIONAL PRODUCTS AND CREATIONS”. The logo symbolized the name with a blossom flower and a butterfly.  

Blossoms offers Corporate Gifts and Promotional range of T-Shirts, Mask, Caps, Jerkins, Bags, Umbrellas.  “BlueAsh” is a brand of Blossoms. The Marketing office is located in Bengaluru in Karnataka (India). 

Blossoms Promotional Products and Creations Started in the year 1998 by Mr. Arif BAIG and Mrs. Geethal Baig.  One being good at marketing and other being creative gave a good start to this creative business.   The company prides itself for its good customer relationships, timely bulk promotional suppliers and quality products that has helped it to gain a competitive advantage.