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The 12 elements of a thriving workplace

Everyone deserves a fantastic workplace, that enables meaningful work and enjoyable experiences. But what does a stimulating workplace look like? How can organisations create an uplifting place for their people to succeed? MARGINALIA speaks with author Neil Usher, who has just released his new book ‘The Elemental Workplace’, to explore what type of workplace contributes to employees’ sense of self-worth and wellbeing, and therefore benefits the organisation too.

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Book reviews

Humility – the key to success in the smart machine age

Machines are becoming embedded in every area of business, enhancing many operational processes. So what’s going to help people stay relevant at work? According to University of Virginia Darden School of Business Professor, Ed Hess, “the quality of the human component of the organisation” is very much needed. MARGINALIA spoke with Hess to discuss his new book, Humility Is the New Smart.

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