The Future of Earth (formerly MARGINALIA) is an exciting digital publication focusing on the greatest issue of our generation …. sustainability.

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Mission: The Future of Earth is where people come to share, define and learn about The Environment, The Economy & Our Society, and challenge traditional thinking.

Vision: To be a source of diverse opinions and reasoned argument, we want to define the future of work, challenge traditional thinking and inspire debate.

We have a desire to:

Prioritise the need for businesses to be at the forefront of Sustainable development.
Attain a global reach & Influence.
Prioritise our readers’ needs by listening and involving our community.

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Agenda setting opinion – our contributors are well informed on the latest trends and research.
 Our writers say what they want – sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t. It’s more fun that way, and lets you make your own mind up.
 Unmissable reviews on books, products & services
 More than just a magazine – we are a community