Owls have unique physical characteristics and physiological adaptions that have allowed them to survive, thrive in the wild and adapt to nearly every ecosystem on the planet. WiseOwl Marketrix a local business startup retains all those qualities of this amazing bird. The company although recent in its origin and small in its scale has shown how it takes more courage and less resources to care for one’s employees and their families during an existential crisis. 

WiseOwl, a local business startup, could not afford highly skilled or experienced professionals, so in turn, they looked out for talented hungry individuals who were willing to learn and earn in the local neighborhood and close network. They were not offered fancy salaries, but they had a choice of working flexi-hours.

The company adopted three innovative people management policies:

  • Freedom to choose their own office timings and also choose their salary based on the time they spend for work.
  • Choice to work on an incentive model and be like a partner to the company in its quest for growth.
  • Learn one skill every week and give a presentation to the team every Friday.

Most employees come from humble origins and work hard to support their families. During lockdown, the company had a major setback and severe financial losses. The founder of the company Kumail Kirmani summoned all his employees for a meeting in which he explained the company’s actual financial situation. Most of the company’s clients had stopped their work and payments were indefinitely delayed. Given the tough cash flow situation the company was finding it difficult to pay full salaries of employees and the employees could either choose to stay with the company or leave. All employees chose to stay back and decided to work on half of their salary till the company navigated the crisis. The entire team worked very hard and finally in March 2021, the company was able to earn double its revenues. All employees were given a 100% salary hike. The company shared its profits with a team that voluntarily choose to stick together during its toughest phase.

 Leadership People Philosophy

Anybody can build a great company by hiring the best minds from the best of institutes. But what is more satisfying is that you build a company with EMPATHY that will help a few average middle-class people work and earn a livelihood with respect – Kumail Kirmani, Chief MARCOM, WiseOwl Marketrix

Employee Testimonials

“I come with almost 7 years of work experience in the Mutual Fund sector. I was working at CAMS in Chennai which is the top most Registrar for Mutual Funds. Later I shifted to Bangalore and joined Fisdom Group but due to pandemic I lost the my job. With no options left, I joined WiseOwl Marketrix in October 2020. I was little upset because my salary was lower than the my previous assignment. But by God’s grace our company did good business last quarter and for which after 4 months I got a salary hike of 100% and also promoted to Team Lead position.

So, I am very much thankful to Mr. Kumail Kirmani for considering me for this position as I had no knowledge about Digital Marketing and Education Industry. He gave me an opportunity to work with him and it’s a great learning experience so far.” – Sakina Begum| Team Lead| WiseOwl Marketrix 

 “I am from the state of UP and I am a Graphic Designer. I came to Bangalore for Job, but after searching for more than 1 year, I couldn’t find job. I met Kumail Sir and he offered me a job. 

We worked hard and did good work and slowly we saw growth in our work. We got international clients also. With 3 years, my job is safe in pandemic also. My salary has now quadrupled since I joined the company. I bought a brand new phone first time and I was very happy. My family is also happy about my work and my salary. –Ammar Haider| Graphic Designer| WiseOwlMarketrix

 “I am B.com graduate from Baldwin’s College and I worked for BigBasket.com as a Customer Support Executive for 3 years. Due to pregnancy, I quit my job in 2019. I wanted to restart my career but couldn’t do full time job due to my child’s responsibility. I approached Mr. Kumail Kirmani and he gave me flexible working options. I decided to work part-time for the company.

Due to pandemic, my husband also suffered a job loss, due to which I am now responsible to work and take care of my family.  I joined full time work and how after all the hard work that we did, my salary has seen a very good hike.

I thank God for the opportunity and I thank Kumail Sir for supporting us and making us feel secure during these pandemic times” – Priyanka|Student Counselor| WiseOwl MarketriX

About Wiseowl Marketrix 

Wiseowl Marketrix deals in a wide range of designing and marketing activities. A local business founded with shoestring capital has diversified in to designing of marketing collaterals, logos, websites, wedding invites, videos, and even offering CV development services to young graduates. The company has been able to grow a healthy base of clients that include: Joy Ice-creams, Flexfit Caps (Korean Headgear brand), Begum’s Kitchen, Dayananda Sagar University, The Club Resort, Learning Matters, among few. The company is now venturing into a specialized area offering Education Institutes a dedicated Marketing expertise which is currently lacking in the higher education sector.