There is good news for those preparing to leave full-time education later this year, as new research has revealed that the overwhelming majority (84%) of those who have recently entered the world of work are enjoying the experience.

According to a survey of c.1,000 students and new joiners, commissioned by KPMG, 1 in 3 (33%) have said they were pleasantly surprised by how much they are enjoying the experience, claiming they find the experience more rewarding than they anticipated before they started working.

The social side of work was also something that played a big part in students’ transition into full time employment, with 82% reporting that they felt ‘strong connections’ with their colleagues. This sense of community was in fact better than almost a third of all respondents expected it to be.

Many employers put specific measures in place to help individuals transitioning from full time education in to the world of work. Indeed, almost a quarter of those surveyed received a greater degree of support from their employers to help ease them into work than they had anticipated – suggesting many UK businesses understand what a significant milestone this can be for young people. However more needs to be done.

Justine Gregson, Student Programme Lead at KPMG, says: “It is understandable that students can often feel anxious about what entering the world of work will really be like. However, if employers provide a range of support and resources – as many already are – then individuals, regardless of background, can find it to be an enjoyable process, and in many cases more so than they first anticipated.”

KPMG 360o apprentice, Precious Odiase, also says: “For me, starting work straight from school felt really daunting at first. Most of my friends were going to university and the thought of being different filled me with dread. However, the support I have received from my team, and the development structure of the programme has always ensured I have been given the tools and support to develop my career. Knowing that my employer values the work I am doing and is keen for me to grow and progress really fills me with confidence that I have chosen the right pathway, and takes away much of the anxiety I felt before I started the programme.”