Once seen as the essential element when trying to secure a new job, the newest generation of workers entering the workplace, Generation Z, are no longer embracing the traditional two-page CV.

Eight out of ten 18 to 24-year olds do not currently have a CV. This data demonstrates that CVs are in need of a revamp if they are to be embraced by Generation Z, the workforce of the future.

The poll – conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by blockchain start-up APPII – surveyed 2,000 UK workers as to their attitudes towards CVs and the wider recruitment process.

The keenest to get on the career ladder, Gen Z are the least likely to hear back from prospective employers – 58 per cent never receive any response to the CVs they send out, compared to less than a third (32%) of baby boomers who get the cold shoulder from recruiters.

A third of Gen Z don’t think employers even check the information on a CV is true – never mind read them – and nearly half (40%) have lied on their CV just to try and stand out from the crowd and receive a response.

When asked how they discover and apply for new positions, 65 per cent of Gen Z said they use online jobsites or social media.

Gary McKay, MD of APPII commented on the findings, “The CV has survived for many years in the hiring process.  It’s clear that many candidates feel the traditional CV can evolve in today’s job market and the digital world.

“One way CVs can evolve with the times is to enable candidates to verify their data, so trust is established at the start of the recruitment process. APPII uses blockchain technology and biometric scanning, to create CVs where the individual identity is validated and credentials such as Education can be verified. This will create renewed trust in the usage of CVs.”