GreenPodNeste_GreenPod_Exterior_Large_ is part of Neste’s Pre-order the Future project, in which one out of five innovations will be chosen for further development in fall 2016. The prototype of the chosen concept is expected to be ready by spring 2017.

GreenPod, made primarily out of renewable materials, is a multipurpose capsule for both work and leisure that can be set up nearly anywhere in an urban environment.

The pod blocks outside noises, reacts to changes in the weather, automatically charges all devices and gives people access to all their work files through its advanced facial recognition function. The idea behind the concept is to make public spaces more versatile environments.

neste_greenpod_interior_beach_wallPre-ordering a better, renewable future

Osmo Kammonen, Neste’s Senior Vice President, Communications and Brand Marketing, says:

“Public spaces are a great place to start the journey towards a renewable future. We are determined to create responsible choices every day.”

Neste’s Pre-order the Future project is all about discovering new ways of using renewable materials in the production of goods and services. The project focuses on product and service ideas within five topics: public spaces, entertainment, travel, learning, and mobility. All concepts, including GreenPod, are currently under public vote on the project website. The winning concept will be announced in September 2016 and a real prototype of it developed shortly after. neste_greenpod_interior_winter_wall

“We hope that people notice the opportunities to make an impact on the world by taking part in our project. Although Pre-order the Future currently moves at a conceptual level, the goal is to create an innovation that portrays the possibilities of renewable materials,” Kammonen highlights.

The jury that will have the final say in choosing the winning concept consists of the American spoken word artist Prince Ea, Neste’s President and CEO, Matti Lievonen, and Neste’s Executive Vice President of Renewable Products, Kaisa Hietala.

Learn more about the Pre-Order the Future project and vote for the concept ideas on the official website.