The Athens-based platform, which is supported by the Microsoft Innovation Center, helps doctors connect with reliable colleagues of any specialty across the globe, giving them access to a wide range of knowledge and clinical evidence, shared by their peers. Plus a repository of discussions on multiple specialties or medical topics, boosting trust among fellow doctors.

New users in the U.K. were able to start signing up in January. So far over 10% of the doctors who use the service already come from Britain. Numbers there, have been growing quickly.

Dr Chris Roseveare, consultant physician and former President of the Society for Acute Medicine in the U.K., has been using the service. He said:

“Among Doctors represents an exciting opportunity for clinicians across Europe to establish networks and discuss issues of relevance to our practice.

“The increasing complexity of medicine means that any initiative which helps us to share knowledge more widely should be supported, to help improve patient care.”

Among Doctors has been live in public beta since November 2015 and already counts its first hundreds of doctors from over 38 countries, mostly in Europe, and 42 medical specialties. The firm is funded with seed capital by angel investors. In April 2014, Among Doctors was awarded the 3rd prize at the Investors Pitch Showcase Contest by MIT Enterprise Forum of Greece.


Elena Barla, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer said:

“Doctors are increasingly interested in using social media for professional purposes, in order to network, share knowledge and get in touch with the international medical community.

“Knowledge should be shared across countries and economies, especially when it comes to saving lives. Among Doctors provides a global exclusive network of reliable, well-screened and quality profile licensed physicians, helping them exchange views and advice, as well as build their global referral base and network in a reliable and meaningful way.

“In U.K. we see a great opportunity, in part because doctors here tend to be among the most tech savvy and socially engaged in the European region. Knowledge sharing is a key part of the U.K. professional culture and this is what we are passionate to promote through our service. Moreover, it is now more important than ever to keep the communication channel open among British & European fellow doctors”.

Harris Lygidakis, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer also said:

“The online professional peer groups created through this platform can offer informal and interdisciplinary learning, which can mitigate physicians isolation and burnout, as well as enhance the capacity building of an area or specialty, improving eventually the healthcare service.

“An important aspect of the platform is the adaptation based on context. Physicians enjoy engaging in communities of collective learning, but on Among Doctors they can achieve more: they can adopt a truly glocal approach with the development of both international and regional networks that facilitate presenting global knowledge within local settings.”


Pictures courtesy of Among Doctors