Today’s workforce has never been more complex. Work habits are changing and Millennials are demanding not only different working environments, but new technologies and solutions to engage them, help them in their work and make their overall job experience better. This has made the work of internal and corporate communications professionals more challenging.

According to a new survey of more than 250 communications professionals, nearly half (48 percent) said that to the extent employee engagement is important to their organizations, companies need to rethink digital workplace communications.

The 2016 Digital Workplace Communications Survey, conducted by the PRSA Employee Communications Section and APPrise Mobile, creators of theEMPLOYEEapp, set out to learn what technology solutions are being used by employers to communicate and engage with their employees as well as which are the most effective.

“No one can question that the workplace is now a digital one. Indeed, it has been for decades but the technological tools available keep evolving,” said Ally Bunin, Chair of the PRSA Employee Communications Section. “As communications professionals, it is incumbent upon us to understand the technological landscape and to ensure that we use the best tools available so that we can be the most successful in our work. The 2016 Digital Workplace Communications Survey confirms that while our industry is taking advantage of different digital solutions, the ways in which we are doing so are not necessarily as effective as they could be.”

Jeff Corbin, CEO and Founder of APPrise Mobile said, “As the workplace evolves and Millennials continue to comprise the vast majority of the workforce, the importance of communicating and engaging with employees has never been more important. There is definitely a shift taking place from ‘old school’ and legacy communications solutions like email and corporate intranets to newer, more mobile friendly tools.”

He continued, “Notwithstanding 21 st Century technologies now available that allow us as communicators to be more efficient in our work, email and intranets are not going away anytime soon – nor should they. As our survey with the PRSA Employee Communications Section found, one size does not necessarily fit all and depending on a particular use case or situation, different solutions should be considered as they may prove more effective in distributing content, and information to the important employee audience.”