Editor-in-Chief’s vision for MARGINALIA

There’s a journalist in everyone, whether it’s blogging or commentary on social media. As great as this is it results in too much noise, not enough news.  We are overwhelmed by information. Plenty of it is good, It’s just that there’s so much of it, and so much of it is the same. 

We want to delve into the reasons behind business decisions, give a voice to anyone with insight or expertise and explore subjects that other business publications ignore.

  • We think everyone should have the opportunity to be involved.
  • We will celebrate diversity of opinion, while relying on fact. 
  • We’re committed to critical thinking, challenging traditional methods and defining the future.

Why it’s different

  • We are developing a business model that’s responsible and sustainable.
  • We are a membership business, built for and with our members.
  • We’re independent of political party or commercial agenda.
  • We will give a voice to anyone with something of value to say. 
  • We will not work to deadlines, instead we will publish great content when it’s ready.

How it works

Our content and direction will be decided and curated by our membership.

We will do this by having quarterly get togethers, where we will discuss and decide the: 

  1. Topics
  2. Member Contributors
  3. Guest Editors

We want to create the future of business journalism that will define the future of work.

Welcome to our first Guest Editors

The Future of Work is global & inclusive, so I am very happy to introduce our first Guest Editors 

Dr Debashish Sengupta an award winning author, millennial expert, business consultant, professor and a master trainer. His last book ‘The Life of Y’ has recently won the prestigious business book award, got featured in the collections of Stanford University and has been internationally acclaimed. Dr Sengupta is from Bangalore, India, now residing in Bahrain with his wife and son working as professor with Royal University for Women in Bahrain,

‘it gives me immense pleasure to associate myself with The Future of Work’ and have the opportunity to curate editions for a world class magazine. And with a visionary entrepreneur James Murphy at the helm of it, makes the joy of contributing even more.’ Dr Debashish Sengupta 

Kevin Farrell lived experience and Holistic approach to life advocate. Metal health campaigner. Currently running a wellbeing hub in north London with a fresh approach to social inclusion and recovery  

“I’m delighted to be a guest editor of The Future of Work, my edition will be shining a light on the problem of addiction in the workplace. Shine So Bright that everyone can see your intention.” Kevin Farrell