unnamed(17)Moasure is a motion measuring tool that combines the functions of a 100m tape measure with a spirit level in one simple app. It’s set to revolutionise the way we measure in the future.

Simple to use, the app uses motion sensors and is engineered using the same technology found in space rocket guidance systems. You simply move your phone between two points and it will calculate the distance or angle between them. Complex software algorithms process these measurements and calculate precisely how far the smartphone has been moved and rotated. For example, the app calculates the difference in height from the start to the end points, as well as the horizontal distance between the two points. It even measures around obstacles and through walls, as if they weren’t there. The app has accuracy better than 1-2%, with this set to improve in future.

But, how does the app contribute to the world of work?

Simply put, Moasure has the potential to reduce the time and labour required for many tasks. For example, the time taken to produce a floorplan of a typical 3 bedroom house for sale particulars can be reduced from 2 hours to 20 minutes. Measurements captured using motion-measuring technology can also be saved electronically, instantly shared via the internet, and imported into other applications, hence increasing productivity.

Moasure_2Practically anyone who currently uses a tape measure or laser distance measure can benefit from the app, including:

  • tradespeople such as builders, decorators, flooring fitters, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians (e.g. when measuring up for quotes and estimates)
  • estate agents when measuring up properties
  • any professionals who occasionally require a tape measure in their work
  • homemakers, both when at home and out shopping (e.g. measuring the size of a piece of furniture in a store, to check it will fit a location at home).

Moasure rocketed in popularity racking up 16 million views of its video demo, and it made number 1 on the Utilities App Store in 11 countries.

The app was developed out of necessity after Director, Alan Rock, needed to drill a hole through an 18-inch thick wall and found the only option to him was to drill from both sides, whilst guessing and hoping that the holes would meet in the middle! While trying to find a solution for how to line up the two holes on each side of the wall, the idea of using motion to measure was born.

Rock, who has been working on this particular concept for three years, explains, “We are delighted to have received such a positive response to the app after coming up with the idea years ago. Waiting for the phone technology to catch up has been our biggest hold up. Now the technology is improving we’ve been able to develop Moasure for the public market. And with technology continuing to improve and develop, our measuring systems can only become more precise and advanced as we move forward.”

The app is currently available on Apple, with an Android version and different languages currently being developed.