Verleihung des Experience Sennheiser Award 2016 in Hannover.

For all their benefits, the noise and buzz of modern open-plan offices can make it hard to stay focused on the task at hand. But there’s now an answer for professionals seeking to stay productive and at the top of their game. Sennheiser has created the MB 660 Series, designed specifically for knowledge workers in noisy open offices. The business-grade solution features adaptive ANC, a new dimension in active noise cancellation, unified communication (UC) abilities to ensure crystal clear speech during voice calls and Sennheiser’s superior audio quality for music and multimedia enjoyment.

Andreas Bach, President at Sennheiser Communications A/S said:

“Today’s open office environments have been shaped to facilitate fast, flexible collaboration. But there will always be times when we need to reclaim space for ourselves – either to fully concentrate, communicate and collaborate in mobile work environments or simply to relax while listening to music.

“Research shows that noise and distractions in open plan offices can have negative effects on productivity.

“With MB 660, we can now upgrade the work experience for office workers, help them take control of their environment and create a disruption-free workspace for increased productivity and well-being.”

Focus without distracting background noise

MB-660---Lifestyle-05Unlike standard ANC headsets, MB 660 provides a choice of ANC settings: either ANC fully on or Sennheiser’s innovative NoiseGard hybrid adaptive ANC. NoiseGard constantly monitors the background environment for ambient noises and adapts the level of noise reduction in the headset. This actively prevents the tiring sensation of being “stuck-in-a-barrel” – the unpleasant effect that standard ANC headsets can create. With MB 660, even longer periods of use remain pleasant and comfortable and concentration time enjoyable. Depending on the level of noise reduction needed in changing work environments, adaptive ANC can be adjusted via CapTune, Sennheiser’s award-winning mobile app, which allows for a customised listening experience.

Clear communication in UC environments

MB-660---Lifestyle-Pictures-Shoot-01_UCWhether effective communication is required during voice or conference calls at your desk, around the office or at home, wireless MB 660 is designed to offer business-grade capabilities. MB 660 is certified for Skype for Business and optimised for all major UC and softphone brands to ensure effortless collaboration in UC environments. With state-of-the-art microphone and noise filtering technologies, the tool provides a crystal clear communication experience. The headset’s fully integrated, three digital microphone array works seamlessly with Sennheiser’s suite of advanced technologies, such as SpeakFocus, Advanced Own-Voice-Detector and WindSafe, to deliver superior sound, speech intelligibility and comfort – regardless of how noisy the environment.

Sennheiser’s SpeakFocus technology zooms in on the user’s voice, delivering consistently clear sound that makes it easy for the listener to hear what is being said. The Advanced Own-Voice-Detector instantly reduces disrupting background noises when detected, such as keyboard or paper rustling, while optimising speech intelligibility. For outdoor use, WindSafe technology reduces wind noise to ensure the clearest possible sound. In addition, Sennheiser’s Room Experience technology externalises the sound from the user’s head, providing a natural, more comfortable experience during a call.

Effortless control, flexibility and comfort

MB-660---Lifestyle-06MB 660 offers a variety of connectivity options to support a flexible work day. The headset connects wirelessly to a mobile phone or, via the included USB dongle, to a PC. An audio cable is also included, so it is possible to continue using the headset even if it runs out of battery. The foldable headset is supplied with all accessories in a premium quality carrying case.

Crafted with attention to detail to anticipate user needs, MB 660 ensures user-friendliness and comfort. A simple swipe or tap of the ear cup-mounted touch pad controls calls and media. Double tapping the right ear cup activates Sennheiser’s TalkThrough technology and makes it possible to listen to colleagues or announcements without removing the headset. When it is time to put the headset away, MB 660 automatically powers down when the headset is folded for storage.

Thanks to its lightweight, sleek design and an exceptional battery performance of up to 30 hours, the MB 660 Series is optimised for all-day use. Class-leading ergonomics, compact form and high quality materials make the headset extremely comfortable, even for the longest listening sessions. Its pillow-soft leather ear pads are designed in accordance with Sennheiser’s dedicated research into ear shape ergonomics for supreme wearing comfort.

“With its ability to adapt to individual needs throughout a flexible, modern work day, MB 660 helps professionals to create their own “acoustic rooms” – no matter how challenging their open offices,” said Andreas Bach. “With only one headset solution users are able to retreat to a “silent room” to fully concentrate, enter a “conference room” to communicate and collaborate or relax in a “concert hall” – enjoying premium, personalised audio, quality design and wearing comfort along the way.”