As a business, you want to create the perfect work environment where your staff members can thrive. Not only will your staff enjoy their jobs more in a positive work environment, but research suggests that happy employees are more productive in the workplace, meaning that your company profit margins will thrive. 

However, the real question is: how can a company make the most out of their staff? If you want to keep your best workers, then you need to make them feel appreciated and excited to come to work each morning. Here are six ways you can help your staff to perform their best at work: 

1. Team building exercises

The secret ingredient to a successful business is teamwork. Some managers might think that team-building exercises are a waste of time and company resources, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; these exercises can help strengthen your workforce and also unearth a worker’s hidden skills. If workers know that they can rely on each other, they will be excited to come into work each day, eager to reunite with the work colleagues that they have bonded with. Your exercises can take place in the morning meeting, or they can be a much more elaborate event where you embark on a team-building weekend. 

2. Focus on company culture

With so many competitor brands out there, you need to do everything you can to stand out. Don’t stick to the generic company rules, think outside the box and create a company culture that will engage workers and encourage them to perform to the best of their ability. If you really want to thrive, take an example from business mogul, Amazon, who have a service desk policy; this ensures that workers get to experience what it’s like to work on the desk and value how important good customer service is. This is something you could employ in your own company, ensuring workers don’t get too complacent in their roles so that they understand and appreciate the role of sales and customer service. 

3. Give employees feedback

Communication is key if you want to make the most out of your staff. Your workers will need quality leadership to thrive and part of this responsibility is giving them feedback about how hard they are working. While it’s important to bring up errors they have made and how they can be improved, it’s equally as important to highlight the good they are doing for the company and the positive work they have done. 79% of employees who quit their job cite lack of appreciation as a reason; don’t let lack of positive feedback be the reason for your best employees quitting.

4. Comfortable work environment

You might have the best business model and most skilled team of workers at your side, but this means nothing if your work environment is unappealing. It only takes a few small touches to make the work environment a more tolerable place to work. You can make some aesthetic changes by redecorating or replacing old and uncomfortable furniture. Another great idea is to create some isolated spaces where individuals or small groups can work away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the office. If you make the workplace a more comfortable and tranquil place to be, employees will be eager to return there each morning.

5. Listen to other people’s advice

You might think that a perfect manager simply gives out orders and leads with authority, but there is so much more to the role than this. A large part of being a good leader is listening to what your staff have to say and taking on this feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. This is the only way to allow your company to evolve while also showing your workers that you can be trusted to listen to them.

6. Have clear company goals

If you want to get the most out of your staff, they have to be reminded of what they’re working towards. Throughout the hiring process and each workday, remind your workers about the company ethos and the ultimate goal of the company. This will motivate them to work to the best of their ability each day and work together to make the company thrive.