mobileAs the influence of mobile continues to grow, businesses who don’t embrace the possibilities this development presents risk catastrophic consequences for their companies, says UX-focused digital agency MadeByPi.

Drawing on their observations and experience within the digital sector, the team at MadeByPi recommend that businesses across a broad range of industries and specialities adapt to digital so as to avoid falling far behind their competition and losing out on critical market share.

As Google shifts its search algorithm to cater to mobile search with the advent of mobile first indexing, the time for avoiding mobile is over, and businesses must be willing to adapt to suit these new demands. Aware of such developments, MadeByPi recently ran a mail campaign putting users websites through Google’s Mobile Tool, as a means of demonstrating how important it is that companies recognise the influence of mobile as a means of ensuring their continued relevancy and success. As Google continues to accommodate and prioritise mobile users and mobile experiences over those on desktop, the importance of shifting strategies to suit these changing needs is more crucial than ever before.

But how can companies stay ahead of the mobile curve? Ensuring a company’s online presence is ready to meet the needs of mobile users requires a multi-faceted approach which encompasses considerations such as the UX experience of end-customers, preparation for mobile searching and SEO, and careful considerations as to how best to prepare for mobile speed, mobile aesthetics and mobile usability.

Whilst once it was admissible to consider mobile technology as the future of digital, it is now a critical part of the present for almost every industry, and particularly those who seek to maintain a relevant web presence and ready their businesses for the unique challenges ahead in the 21st century.