Your.MD app (1)Your.MD, the company behind the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Personal Health Assistant, has announced its availability on Free Basics – the Facebook-led initiative to deliver internet access to the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t have it. This enables anyone with a mobile phone to access Your.MD on Free Basics, without any data or connectivity charges, to get the most accurate self-care assistance available today.

Your.MD is the flagship company of an emerging healthcare sector, pre-primary care, that aims to reduce the burden on national health services by assisting people in self-caring via Artificial Intelligence and mobile technology. The collaboration marks one of Your.MD’s first charitable affiliations and forms part of an ongoing strategy to deliver pre-primary care – personalised, trustworthy and actionable health information – to everyone.

Your.MD uses Artificial Intelligence to provide fully personalised information, guidance and recommendations on next steps, alongside its curated network of trusted health service providers and products – OneStop Health. Through the partnership, those living in Africa – where internet access may be less affordable and healthcare professionals less readily available – will now have access to highly personal, NHS clinically certified and trustworthy health information.

Your.MD’s chief executive, Matteo Berlucchi, comments: “Our mission is to democratise healthcare. Your.MD places pre-primary care in the hands of everyone with a mobile phone, which is a fundamental human right. Working with Free Basics we’re even closer to achieving this goal, as many countries in Africa can now access trustworthy and accurate health advice that is fully personalised and relevant to them at zero cost. For those in particularly rural communities, the service can boost the knowledge of nurses and community care providers to better serve people in need of accurate and trusted medical assistance.


Your.MD has also revealed that its now working with UK charity The Migraine Centre to offer specialist treatment to sufferers of migraine and cluster headaches from around the world. The Migraine Centre is one of Your.MD’s trusted healthcare providers and is now available directly through Your.MD as part of OneStop Health, its curated network of third party providers. Patients can self-refer and are asked to donate towards the cost of their appointment.