What is happening with Internet adoption? Here are some of the must-read stats from Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report. Read the full report here.

Global Internet growth was flat at 10 percent this year, the same as last year. Smartphone sales grew only 3 percent this year, compared to 10 percent the previous year.


Advertising growth is driven by mobile. Image recognition apps provide contextual relevance for advertisers. Ad platforms know what a user is looking at and provide them with more relevant ads.


Voice recognition accuracy continues to improve, with 20 percent of mobile searches being now made with voice.


Organisations are increasingly shifting to real-time online chats to converse directly with customers.


Global interactive gaming is growing rapidly. Gaming tools can optimise learning. They can teach people fundamental skills such as trials and error, exploration, pattern recognition, critical thinking, collaboration, time management, resource management, and story telling. Virtual Reality and machine learning games can also help athletes improve their performance.


Gamification is helping to improve performance across various business industries such as work productivity, healthcare research, and military training.


Data growth continues accelerating: 47 zettabytes of information are expected to be created by 2020.


Cloud adoption is reaching new highs and creating new opportunities. Amazon’s AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are driving public cloud adoption. Cloud-enabled app usage inside the enterprise is growing rapidly. The top three cloud concerns are data security, cost uncertainty, and governance.



Design is becoming increasingly core to enterprise R&D as the end user is learning from consumer technology to expect better product experiences and interfaces.


Technology is enabling a virtual cycle of innovation in healthcare. 3D scans, wearable devices, health apps and remote monitoring, are creating rapid growth in digital health data. As data accumulates, research insights accelerate. The introduction of digital technology accelerates time and cost reduction, leading to an increase in genomics research and personalised medicine.


The top 5 internet leaders are tech giants Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. 60% of the most highly valued companies in the US have immigrant founders.