MsC big data for business2As big data marks the beginning of a major transformation of the digital economy significantly impacting all industries, globally-recognised institutions HEC Paris and École Polytechnique have teamed up to launch a joint innovative degree: MSc Big Data For Business. This unique, two-year program aims to select and educate a new generation of leaders, capable of embracing today’s and tomorrow’s digital transformations.

The Master’s Program, taught on the campuses of both École Polytechnique and HEC Paris, will train students in data sciences, which combine mathematics modelling, statistics, IT, and visualisation, to convert masses of information into knowledge. It will give them the tools to understand the newest data distributing structures and large-scale calculations to ease decision-making and guide in their choices. Finally, it will form data “managers” capable of exploiting the results from analysis to make strategic decisions at the heart of our changeable business.

“Learning by doing” will be central to the program’s teaching, with students being equipped to shift constantly from data to knowledge, from knowledge to strategic decisions and from strategic decisions to operational business implementations.

MsC big data for business 1Peter Todd, Dean of HEC Paris, comments:

“Nowadays, bridging the gap between technical experts on the one side and business specialists on the other has become more and more essential, and it is critical that leading academic institutions play their role by providing master’s programs that fully address this new need.

“We are pleased to launch this partnership with École Polytechnique and we believe that MSc Big Data for Business represents the best business-engineering degree Europe could possibly offer today, and most of all: an extraordinary added value for students.”

Jacques Biot, President of Ecole Polytechnique, adds:

“Data science together with Big Data have led to the rise of novel economical paradigms.

“The historical leaders of existing economic sectors (transportation, insurance, energy, healthcare etc.) no longer have the guarantee to remain in their leading positions given the agility of new competitors with data-based innovative economic models. Data technologies are not only transforming traditional industries. They are changing our way of life, our social structures and even our entire social landscape. Using data for the benefit of mankind is not only a technological, but also an ethical, legal, economic and social challenge. The objective of this MsC is to train student to master and develop new frameworks of analysis, new approaches, and concrete recommendations to deal with the data deluge and the data-driven digital transformation of our world.”