In December 2017 my wife dropped me at London Heathrow airport, I was on my way to Thailand. For most people a happy day. However, I wasn’t on going on holiday … I was going to rehab. 

Previous to this a series of events contributed to a pretty destructive period of mental illness and addiction. My life had spiraled completely out of control and I was living in a permanent state of chaos. 

My life was at a tipping point … like our planet.

A month or so later, thanks to an amazing place called Hope, I had taken back control of my life and had found my purpose. 

I returned to The UK, I sold my business and started from scratch, starting a free awards that celebrate sustainability using the techniques I had learned at Hope, to stay on the right track. Meditation & Mindfulness connected me with nature and inspired my passion for sustainability. 

I was now going to do what I loved. 

Fast forward 18 months and my wife was dropping me at the airport once again, but this time to be trained by Vice President Gore and become a Climate Reality Leader, I call my journey from Hope To Reality.

Many people don’t survive addiction, and suicide is the biggest killer of men my age in England. Something I contemplated more than once. I was lucky.  

I was lucky to get help and have the support of friends and family. 

My proximity to losing everything made me determined to fight for something.

So I started a business with the sole aim to drive positive change. I didn’t really know how I was going to do this. So I began by starting a global awards that celebrate companies with great sustainability, this gave me the opportunity to read hundreds of case studies.

I have seen first hand how simple projects can influence behavioural change and influence decisions made by companies at director level. Given that 70% of emissions comes from 100 businesses, I thought what a great opportunity we have to reduce emissions by influencing businesses. 

I know that given the right tools anyone can drive positive change. What better way to acquire these tools than The Climate Reality Project and being trained by Mr Gore. I have been given this opportunity and I intend to use the platform I have fallen onto.

There is lots of work to do but I will always, always have hope, I hope we can create a fairer, more equal planet. 

I hope to inspire people to question everything and determine their actions from facts and science.

But most of all I want to see a more sustainable planet and leave everyone with the hope that this will become a reality.