BookWith many employees reconsidering what they want to do with their working lives, some are looking for a better work-life balance and a job that is meaningful and inspiring to them.

Author and career coach Hans Schumann believes that the job itself may not always be the problem – but the individual’s inability to draw joy and a sense of accomplishment from it. In his new book, Schumann changes people perception about working life and how they can make it fulfilling and exciting (and, guess what – they don’t necessarily have to change their job!).

Falling in Love with Your Job: How to create more fulfilment and excitement in your career’ will help readers create new options for their career and life generally.

Whether readers are determined to make a radical career change or simply wish for more day-to-day satisfaction in their job, in this book they will find inspiration and a wide range of practical exercises to help them create more fulfilment and excitement in their career.

Among other things readers will:

•          Explore what matters most to them in life

•          Create an inspiring personal mission statement

•          Change their perception of their working life

•          Explore what their dream job could look like

•          Build their professional brand

•          Learn how to manage themselves more effectively

•          Decide what a healthy work-life balance looks like for them

This book is for anyone who is struggling to find meaning in a job they do not enjoy. It could be that they are simply working against their natural flow and have lost track of what is really important to them beyond the immediate financial gains.

Author2The author explains: “This book helps people cut to the core of what really matters to them in work; be it their accomplishments, how they change the lives of others, or even the prestige their job brings to their image. I then shake up their perception on accountability, change their outlook and show them a new way to approach their work that will bring them joy, true satisfaction and even have them waking up in the morning full of excitement.

“It’s for anyone who has become disenchanted with their current job, or anyone switching employers/careers and looking to approach their new role with a more positive outlook.”