The Employee Outlook by CIPD in partnership with Halogen Software, surveyed over 2,000 UK employees. According to the findings, half of employees feel either fully (8%) or fairly well informed (42%) about their organisation’s strategy. That leaves half of respondents feeling that they receive either limited information or worse.

The study also looked at employee voice – the means by which employees communicate their views on employment and organisational issues to their employer – and found that:

Employees’ net satisfaction score is fairly low for opportunities to feed views, issues and ideas upwards (+11) and for opportunities for employees to be involved in decisions that affect them (+16). However, net satisfaction increases with the attention paid to the suggestions employees make (+24), once employees have the opportunity to make suggestions.

The study found that voluntary sector employees are the most positive, followed by private sector employees, with public sector employees the least positive. And, employees in micro organisations are the most likely to be satisfied with all of the employee voice questions.ev1


The report also suggests that discussions about career growth and development between line managers and employees should occur as part of regular one-on-one conversations. This approach helps employees to “see a future for themselves in the organisation.” One-on-one conversations will also provide more clarity in goals and expectations, offer employees on-going support to reach objectives, and give them feedback related to performance outcomes.