Subhadra Gupta

About the Author Subhadra Gupta

Ms. Subhadra Gupta is the South Asia Head for the largest global Multi-stakeholder Initiative. (MSI) based in Washington DC. She has been associated with various business associations and diverse organizations in India and South Asia on fair trade practices and human rights. Her specific focus has been on labor rights, strategic corporate social responsibilities, and good governance systems in supply chain managements, women’s rights, labor right violations, and capacity building trainings since 17 years. She has also been instrumental in Strategic planning and formulation of sustainability and compliance programs across across South Asian countries-India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. Subhadra has also been engaged in networking with meaningful and credible human rights organizations across India and South Asia. She has also been involved with various grass root level organizations, women’s federations, state, national and international NGOs, and multi-stakeholder organizations before managing the CSO Engagement (South Asia) portfolio in the present multi-stakeholder organization working towards protecting workers rights worldwide. She has been the author of her Research book titled ‘Impact of local self- Governance and Customary Law on the status of women’s participation in grassroots politics: An overview of Dima-Hasao and Karbi-Anglong districts of Assam-northeast India’. She has worked in the remote areas (including tribal belts) of almost all states in India on issues of economic and social justice. She is passionate about human rights issues and social justice. She is associated with various NGO’s, national and international women’s network. She is also a trainer and a researcher advocating human rights in India and globally.