2020 has been an amazingly (different) year. I have been away from friends and family(extended) and I haven’t really gotten much travelling done, to be honest. No one has. (sigh). The year has had a lot of positives for me as well. Maybe 2021 will be better. 

What do you think Wilbur? 

Wilbur- Yeah maybe. Maybe we finally will be able to see faces without those pesky masks

Arnab- Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce you to Wilbur. He is my imaginary friend. 

Wilbur- Hey, don’t term it like that! I am Wilbur, a friend made by Arnab’s thought engine

Arnab – Well, if you’d term it like that.

Wilbur- Hey man, can I accompany you while you tell your experiences?

Arnab- Sure, until you stay quiet and don’t disturb me

Wilbur- Well, I will try

Arnab- Oh. Ok

Let’s Continue

I miss my friends. I miss talking. I miss PE (physical education/sports). I even miss fighting and gossiping. Seriously I do! Currently I feel bored to the power of infinity. Hope that goes away. Christmas is right round the corner at the time I’m writing this. I feel sad that I cannot spend it with others. You know when they take away your wings, You yearn to fly, but when you have them, you don’t care about them and instead yearn for the land. That’s kinda what I’m feeling when I yearn to go back ‘home’.

Wilbur- By home, he means India. We live in Bahrain, a small archipelago country, but magnificent in its beauty and modernity 

Arnab- Didn’t I tell you to stay quiet!!??

Wilbur – I said I’d try, not actually do it!

Arnab- Smart kid. Finding loopholes in every problem. Fine, You can do some commentary too. You are doing it well

Wilbur- Thanks man. I really can’t stay quiet

Arnab- I know. Me neither. Coincidence? 


2020 has also been a year when many famous actors and personalities passed away. Whenever I read the news and see a news about a personality, I have that maybe this person is no more. And I’m not even surprised anymore. But I just feel like why?

Wilbur-Why did they have to go away so far!? Many of my favourite actors (And Arnab’s too) died this year. We were more sad than shocked

Arnab- Wilbur is actually right. I hope no one dies again

Wilbur- Actually, someone di-


Wilbur- But

Arnab- No but’s. (snickers) Butts

Wilbur Seriously

Arnab- Yeah, that was kiddish. Anyways, my point is that everywhere on the news channels, there is only news of death and sadness. And judging by how this world is right now, I don’t need anymore darkness in my life

Wilbur- Yeah, I get you man. Darkness surrounds us like a fog. I hate fogs cause it doesn’t let you see the happy things in life

Arnab- True. 2020 has also been a year when TV shows stopped shooting. So, Netflix and it’s infinite library of movies and TV shows aren’t enough for me. Even YouTube too. I’m serious. Wow, The Internet has become boring!

Wilbur – It actually has! Looking at interviews and other stuff, like memes and music has become extremely, extremely boring

Arnab- Yeah. And to be honest, I have actually become lazy, while being at home. Right now, I’m sleepy, and its 10 in the morning!! And right now, I slouching off like a couch potato

Wilbur- Yeah, I know right. Even I feel so sleepy these days. And I’m imaginary! I can’t feel much! But I do feel sleepy and extremely, extremely lazy.

Arnab- You know, I miss taking a stroll down on the street, with a face that was mask free. Those pesky little buggers seriously asphyxiate me at times. But I guess safety and all. On that topic, Sanitizers have been horrible for my hands. My hands have become drier than ever.

Wilbur- How are the two interrelated though? Ohhh. Is it because they both are safety products?

Arnab- No, because they are both made by God. Obviously, man, because they are all things used for safety and ensuring safety. Moving Forward

Wilbur- You didn’t have to scold me like that

Arnab- I know, I know. I’m very sorry for that

Wilbur-It’s fine

Arnab- Continuing in the same strain. You know online schooling right! 

Wilbur – Yeah. It is so boring as well as being inferior than regular schooling. Mostly no one talks. There is no social interaction. And the most problematic thing is that we use a software that doesn’t allow us to see each other!! And oh yeah, about that- Many people have problems even joining class 

Arnab- Agreed exponentially. God, I miss even going to school. Yeah, the exact school I didn’t like before, I miss it now. We have already explained this phenomenon though. 

Wilbur- But then, do you hate 2020 then?

Arnab – Well, no! Even after all of this terrible stuff, it wasn’t a bad year. It was pretty amazing actually. Although I do agree that many people had problems and the world was filled with darkness, we helped. And we could help as well! And I got to spend a lot of time with my family. Really bonded with them, you know. I began expressing myself through poems, writing an entire book of them. I have been learning music, and have got a lot a lot of time to introspect and think about the world as a whole. So, will I miss 2020- The good parts, yes, but the bad parts, Nuh-uh. 

Here’s a poem to further express what I am feeling right now

Wilbur- Another poem! Why?

Arnab- Look, my only explanation is that it helps me express my emotions and helps me let go of my fears. The same goes for writing

Wilbur- Oh, just like bathroom singing helps me relax

Arnab- Uhh, sure, why not

Wilbur- Ok! Well then. Go On

Arnab – Here goes

Was it all so Bad?

This year finally is gonna end.

Finally going to meet my friends.

I am finally going to step out of my home.

And I will finally stop living like a metronome.

Ah, the dark times are almost gone,

Suffering of people will leave and happiness will be born.

The moon will finally glow,

After the clouds leave tomorrow.

Maybe they might leave after a few days,

But I will await everyday,

For the sun to shine again,

And the clouds will finally be faint.

But was this year all so bad?

Was this year all sad?

Was the sky all but light?
Everyday, was it only night?

No way, not at all.

The happiness did never fall,

I wrote poems to go beyond the four walls.

Oh, those concrete barriers so tall.

No way was it all bad.

I spent time with my family, and I am glad,

That we got so much time together,

I think I have made myself better.

I will miss the good parts.

Forget the bad ones.

But still, I hope the new year starts,

With the ‘dark crown’ beaten by the radiant sun.

About the Author

 Arnab is a 14-year-old boy from India, who currently lives in the Kingdom of Bahrain. His debut book ‘Iridescence – 50 Poems by a Teenage Dreamer’ notched #1 spot in the Kid’s poetry section on Amazon Bestsellers. He is a pianist and one of youngest persons to have completed a semester from Berkley (online). He studies in Grade 9 at Bahrain Indian School and has won several oratory competitions. His next novel which is sci-fi is ready to be published. This is an invited article.