M12Welcoming RingCentral, Gloria Lombardi, Publisher and Founder of MARGINALIA said, “I am excited that RingCentral has chosen to sponsor MARGINALIA. Both companies share a mutual interest in the Future of Work, an ever evolving area which is shaping how businesses operate and the new skills which workers will need.

RC-BrandColoursRingCentral said, “We are excited to be working on this opportunity with MARGINALIA. We feel that the publication shares our core values – to give the modern workforce the tools they need to thrive in today’s fast paced environment.”

RingCentral empowers today’s workforces to be connected, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere and on any device. Not surprisingly, the company has been recognised as a leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service Worldwide for the second consecutive year.

To launch the sponsorship, MARGINALIA invited Sahil Rekhi, RingCentral EMEA Managing Director, to share his thoughts on the emerging technology trends for 2017 – which ones are really worth investing in and how you can utilise them in the workplace. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things (IoT), here is RingCentral‘s list of the technology you should be considering investment in this year:

Artificial Intelligence

RC1In the 1992 film Terminator 2, Skynet was destined to become self-aware in 2011. Six years on and we’re thankfully armageddon-free but artificial intelligence is making its way into the mainstream business world. With the prevalence of powerful computers and large quantity of data available, companies are turning to self-learning algorithms and software to process information and give organisations an edge over their competitors.

Software-as-a-service leaders, such as Salesforce, Oracle and Base are all exploring how artificial intelligence can work to drive sales and deliver better insights for businesses. By relying on an AI system to help you make sales outreach decisions, you’ll be able to focus more on selling and less on choosing who to target.

Internet of Things

From fridges that tell you when you’ve run out of milk to thermostats that you can control on your smartphone, more devices are using the web to improve quality of life for consumers. In the business world the Internet of Things is being used to connect even more devices together to drive efficiency.

Two major partnerships between car manufacturers and telecoms companies have already been announced this year, which could be the next logical step in the mobilisation of the workforce. Having a sales team with cars that act as their own mobile office can literally drive sales performance in your business.


Blockchain technology is a distributed electronic ledger that uses algorithms to record transactions reliably and anonymously. Its origins are embedded deep within cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but recently a great deal of investment has been put into the technology from other verticals, including finance and energy.

Blockchain’s inherent security and reliability is already attracting interest from some of the world’s biggest industries so it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on any innovations which are announced in this space.


When it comes to business communications, collaboration software is very much the flavour of the month. Most workers have access to at least a couple of instant messaging or file-sharing tools to help boost productivity and cut down on email. The ability to share content, work on documents at the same time as your colleagues or even just send a quick instant message has helped many companies to eliminate some of their process bottlenecks.