India has been in a lockdown for over a month now, and I have been working from home a few weeks before the lockdown came into force. The first couple of weeks were quite tough and disarrayed. Although, on normal days too, I preferred to stay at home than going out for socializing, this sudden closure of everything had set me back in every way. It took me some time to adjust to the fact that I need to get groceries, cook, clean, and also do my office work, all by myself. 

First few days of the lockdown were quite hard in all aspects. Sudden closure of all amenities resulted in a lot of confusion and uncertainty. I was not sure how we would procure daily essentials – plus, my family and I are in 3 different states, had to keep a tab at all places to know the updates. On the work front, everyone globally was unnerved too about the virus situation, sudden WFH (work from Home) and coping up with everything. Societies and communities realized that they need to come together while they are socially distant to provide for daily life, and also look after the survival and benefit of the underprivileged. Year 2020 has multiple long weekends, and there were travel plans that got sucked in the black hole of incertitude. Since then it has been a long journey in a short period of time. How did I manage? Here’s how:     

The long road to acceptance

I realized, the first step to anything is acceptance. Once I accepted that this is real, this is happening, I could deal with it better. For better, or worse – THAT WAS IT. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

Next, I sat myself down for a talk about life choices. Life is said to be unpredictable – current times are the proof. Happily or the cribbing way,  either way, I had to play multiple roles – manager, maid, cook, rider. I chose to be happy and see the situation as a growth opportunity for myself. I accepted the mission.

Timetabling my day

Going to the office had kept me in a disciplined lifestyle. I made sure I don’t lose out on the day by breaking my sleeping routine. I wake up at the same time. I have assigned times for each task I need to do. Believe me, I am able to utilize the 24 hours very well because of my timetable. Now, I have time for everything – from my work to housework to entertainment. 

Making gratitude a catalyst

When life was normal, l preferred to stay at home, away from people, wishing for ‘’’work from home’’’ at least twice a week. Social distancing was a normal lifestyle for me on weekends, I just didn’t know that activity had a fancy name! How could I not be grateful about people not forcing socializing on me?! Also, there were a lot of things that I kept procrastinating because of lack of time – I am catching up on every one of those (all that can be done from home). 

Keeping my sanity alive

Staying at home by choice and staying at home by force are different. This feeling was growing on me. I countered it by spending more time in pursuing my hobbies – gardening and reading books. At the same moment, I started being resourceful – using all kitchen waste in the garden and seeing new sprouts filled me with happiness! Along with that I amped up my chanting and exercise sessions to elevate my life’s state.

This too shall pass!

Yes, definitely. And after it is over, we all will find ourselves changed as human beings. The important thing is to keep in mind that a lot of our wants aren’t essentials. Mother Earth is actually the essential that we need in our lives, everything else falls in place thereafter. 

About the Author

Suchismita is an active marketeer on weekdays and a perfect introvert on weekends. She’s an avid fiction reader & instagrammer; in her leisure she binges on OTTs, and sometimes pens thoughts on her blog, The Retrospective Procrastinator.