Mimi-OSH_Nov16_iPhone6SSpanning six core health categories – Condition Management, Diagnostics, Medication, Primary Care, Telehealth and Wellbeing – Your.MD’s OneStop Health is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ place for assisted self-care for mobile phone users the world over. Joining over 20 market-leading digital health services already integrated in the platform, including NHS Choices, Samsung S Health, PlusGuidance and HealthExpress, is Mimi Hearing Technologies (global). Mimi’s CE medically-certified app is the global #1 hearing test in the App Store. It accurately tests iOS users’ hearing capabilities and creates a personalised “earprint” that seamlessly integrates with their favourite music source, via the Mimi Music app, to create sound perfectly tailored for each individual’s hearing ability.

For Primary Care services, Doctify (UK), GPDQ (London & Birmingham) and GetDoc (Singapore and Malaysia) now allow Your.MD’s users to search, find and connect to a healthcare practitioner or specialist care provider in their area. Meanwhile, Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline (UK) will enable speedy access to women’s health experts and will be the first to put leading gynaecologists directly online. Your.MD users seeking to speak to a healthcare professional on-demand can now find the best Telehealth services in their country via OneStop Health including MyPocketDoctor (Philippines), and soon-to-be-integrated Dr Care Anywhere (Africa, China and UK) and Akira (Canada).

On the Condition Management front, MyMeds (global) – a secure medication management app – has recently joined Your.MD’s OneStop Health platform, whereas Antidote (UK and USA) will connect Your.MD users to relevant medical trials. Meanwhile, Cera (UK) is on board to provide online home care services to Your.MD users through round-the-clock expert support. Urban Massage (UK) has also joined Your.MD’s existing Wellbeing services to provide professional massage services wherever and whenever needed.


Matteo Berlucchi, Your.MD’s chief executive, said: “Your.MD has one goal: to provide personalised, trustworthy and accessible healthcare assistance to everyone. Our OneStop Health platform is a fundamental element of this. We partner only with best-in-class digital health services around the world to ensure that our global user base can always find the most relevant and trustworthy health companies to enable them to get better.”

Henrik Matthies, Mimi Hearing Technologies’ managing director, added: “Your.MD offers mobile users a trusted first point of contact for any healthcare query. Beyond that, it’s OneStop Health platform provides a curated list of healthcare services for its users that is totally tailored to their personal scenario. We are excited to take part in this journey to cater literally anyone in the world with the best possible healthcare service.”

Having recently celebrated 1 million downloads, Your.MD has been the #1 Health and Fitness app in over 100 countries. Your.MD’s AI-based pre-primary care service is available on the web, iOS and Android app and popular messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, and Telegram.