IMG_1721On average, 27 working days are lost per employee per year due to ill health. While employers are starting to take notice, with a growing number introducing workplace health interventions, a few key challenges remain, especially in terms of access by SMEs.

Vitality Healthy Workplace aims to inspire, motivate, and reward employees to lead healthier lives. It will be available for SMEs on a stand-alone basis to their entire workforce, including those not covered by private medical insurance. Making the programme available to all staff addresses a critical issue in workplace wellness, which is that in order to make meaningful change you need a whole workforce solution.

IMG_1718The programme also sees Vitality Plus being embedded into the PMI product with the Active Rewards component that links short-term activity goals to incentives. To achieve this, VitalityHealth has developed the Vitality Healthy Workplace Employer Toolkit to drive engagement in the workplace.

The toolkit comprises a structured programme of activity throughout the year, incorporating initiatives such as wellness days, webinars, employee challenges, training of employee wellness champions and access to a Vitality Coach.

Greg Levine, Director of Corporate and Intermediated Business at VitalityHealth, said: “Unlike large corporates, SMEs often don’t have access to wellness facilities, and also don’t have the budget to implement wellness for their workforce. With this in mind, VitalityHealth is using its assets to give SMEs a viable and affordable alternative.

IMG_1642“It is an important step for the SME marketplace, as the programme doesn’t require any investment by an employer in onsite facilities, nor does it incur the ongoing running costs of a bespoke wellness programme. Instead, businesses can leverage VitalityHealth’s existing wellness assets that have been carefully developed over many years.”

Also included in the new offering is an employer cashback incentive, which will be based on an aggregated view of individual employee’s Vitality Statuses. Companies with the most engaged employees can receive a 10% premium cashback on an annual basis.