In just a few months since its formation and currently finalising the online experience, the site ViewVo has reached 100 high profile, award winning mentors across a wealth of industries, from UX design to florestry.

Whatever your dream job, ViewVo will give you the opportunity to search through a wealth of qualified and vetted mentors before enjoying a day in the company, atmosphere and environment of that role. Whether considering the experience as a serious career change opportunity, to explore a passion, or just to meet a hero, ViewVo will make it instantly accessible. 1H3A49261

Anyone browsing the site will have instant access to a career search before selecting the mentor that they would like to meet and the length of the experience. They may choose a face to face meeting with a best selling author, a half day with a coffee shop owner or a full day with a landscape gardener. Starting at around £100, the money will go directly to the mentor (or a charity of their choice) with a small commission going to ViewVo.

ViewVo was founded by Lucy Standing, an occupational psychologist and Vice chair for The Association of Business Psychology1H3A51751

“In our recent survey, we found that up to 50% of people are unhappy with their careers, often stuck for options to change. ViewVo will broaden their horizons, whether or not they are looking to move in a new direction,” said Standing.

For the mentors, ViewVo provides a unique opportunity to build their personal reputations, get noticed, give back and also give money to charity.

Anyone interested in becoming a mentor or being the first to trial the service ahead of the launch can signup here.


Pictures courtesy of ViewVo