texting-1490691_960_720Digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb found that U.S users spent the longest time – an average of 23 minutes 23 seconds each day – chatting on the most messaging apps.

The study explored the daily use of the world’s top 10 messaging apps installed on Android devices across 11 countries from January to March 2016. The study looked at Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, Kik, Snapchat, Line, Kakao and We Chat.

It found that the U.S are the biggest users of Snapchat, recording 18 minutes 43 seconds daily on the app, nearly the double the daily usage of Messenger (9.36 minutes). They are also the biggest users of Hangouts (8.12 minutes), Viber (20 minutes 38), Kik (32 minutes 48 seconds), WeChat (29 minutes 35 seconds), and South Korean-based Kakao (48 minutes 37 seconds each day).

The analysis compared the daily chat time of leading messaging apps in the U.S, UK, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, and Russia.

Brazil emerged as the second biggest nation for time on messaging apps, in particular spending more than an hour daily on WhatsApp, the biggest daily country use of any messaging app. WhatsApp is the world’s leading messaging app dominant in 109 countries, followed by Messenger (top in 49 countries).

The leading Messenger users are in the Philippines averaging 14.47 minutes per day on the app.

Japan racked up the highest daily time on two chat apps – Skype (16.57 minutes) and Line (19 minutes).

U.S users are not far behind the Japanese on Skype – at 16 minutes 10 seconds daily, while U.S WhatsApp users spend an average of 28 minutes 40 seconds on the app each day.

Android users in the Philippines showed the lowest average usage time out of the 11 countries, spending only 14 minutes and 17 seconds across the 10 apps. India had the second lowest overall combined average usage time of the 10 messaging apps with an average of 16 minutes 12 seconds a day.