Wearable insulin delivery, diagnostic tools for allergy profiling, blood plasma profiling for cancer diagnosis, and real-time health and fitness tracking are among the projects honoured at the 2016 Tech Tour Healthtech Summit this week. They were chosen to present to a group of leading investors, VCs, corporate partners, and business angels in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This year’s top European Digital Health and Medtech companies were selected from a record-breaking number of applications to compete for a position in the top 45. They represent companies from 15 European countries, in various stages of development ranging from seed to expansion. _DSC5512They are engaged in sectors including medical devices, genomics, cell therapy, wearable devices, cardiology, diagnostics and monitoring, patient safety, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

The 2016 edition received 69% more applications from Digital Health companies compared to the previous year, and a 9% decrease in applications from Medtech companies showcasing an upward trend in representation of digital tech in Europe.

Top 25 Digital Health Companies

BeYou app
Ieso Digital Health
Med Angel
Noona Healthcare
Slainte Healthcare
Sword Health
Touch Surgery
Treat Systems

Top 20 Medtech Companies

BioSystems International
Corion Biotech
EBERS Medical Technology
GALGO Medical
GATT Technologies
Implandata Ophtalmic Product
Miracor Medical Systems
Moebius Medical
Orbix Medical
Photonics Healthcare
Tide Microfluidics

The Tech Tour 2016 Medtech Award went to CeQur for their outstanding contribution to improving the lives of patients with type-2 diabetes. Their wearable device is the world’s first to deliver insulin on a 3-day basis, preventing the need for multiple daily insulin injections.

The Tech Tour 2016 Digital Health Award went to MindMaze, who has developed a platform to enable patients to use immersive virtual reality for neuro-rehabilitation for treating stroke, brain-injury, amputee patients, as well as a wide spectrum of neurological deficits to accelerate recovery.

bos-doug-lawrenceDoug Lawrence (pictured right), CEO of CeQur, said about their achievement: “We have previously participated in the Tech Tour and benefitted greatly from interactions with other start-ups and investors. Currently we are preparing to bring a much needed new product to the market next year and are looking forward to helping improve the lives of people with type 2 diabetes. It is extremely encouraging to be receiving the Tech Tour Medtech Award 2016, we appreciate the recognition and are honoured that we were chosen.”

mmTej Tadi (pictured right), Founder and CEO of MindMaze, also said: “It’s a great honour to be recognized for the Digital Health Award, especially coming from a network of business leaders and peers who have brought consistent value to the ecosystem of devices at the intersection of healthcare and medicine. We take pride in being considered amongst companies that have proven themselves to change lives.”

The Tech Tour Healthtech Summit is a leading forum for discovering the European companies engaged in cutting edge technological advances in digital health and medical technology. The Summit aims at recognising and celebrating the inspirational work that these enterprising start-up and growth companies are doing to bring the therapeutic potential of healthtech closer to clinical reality.

Over 200 investors, entrepreneurs and leading health figures gather in Lausanne every year to recognise and celebrate excellence in healthtech across Europe, covering several key areas including patient engagement, virtual care, health IT, devices and sensors, digital diagnostics, digital therapeutics, data and analytics, and clinical trial management.

The Summit, held in association with Canton de Vaud and InvestHorizon, takes place at the IMD Business School.


Pictures courtesy of Tech Tour