Cogs surveyed 504 digital specialists in the UK and asked them to rank the top 5 companies they want to work for and the top 3 reasons why they would choose a new employer. Cogs crunched the numbers and created a league table with insightful facts and figures.

The winners: The big 3

45.1% of all survey responses was for Google, Apple and Microsoft, coming in at 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, creating a superclass of companies that employees in digital thought of as dream brands to work for.

The survey found that 18.5% of participants named Google as one of the companies they would want to work for. Apple came in second place with 13.8% of the survey participants naming the tech giant as a desirable employer.

In the top 30 there are no agencies. Chris Frost, Cogs founder and director says: “This is interesting since the 504 people we surveyed are a cross section of digital talent in consulting, tech companies, brands and agencies and yet agencies don’t feature very highly”.

The top 3 agencies in top 50 are Ustwo (34), R/GA (40) and AKQA (43).

According to Cogs, the top 3 reasons why employees would choose a new employer are pay and benefits (19%), flexible working and work-life balance (17%), and career development (16%).

Where are the disruptors?

With a surge in disrupting upstart companies such as Uber and Airbnb (worth $28 billion and $31 billion respectively) you’d expect to see some kind of presence of them within the survey results. But of the 51 companies listed not one could be seen as being “disruptive”.