Work issues: woman overloaded with stuff at work

Forty seven per cent of the UK’s estimated 650,000 PAs and Office Managers now manage HR on top of their traditional responsibilities. As a result, many PAs feel overwhelmed and worried that they aren’t up to date with employment law, says Claire Ward, HR expert and founder of TheHRHub.

According to the latest National PA Survey, HR ranked as the second highest “non-traditional” responsibility now managed by PAs, ahead of budget management (41 per cent), marketing and promotional activities (35 per cent) and development of processes and company strategy (35 per cent). Only project management ranked more highly (60 per cent).

Typical HR tasks that PAs and Office Managers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis include drawing up employment contracts, managing the annual leave calendar, keeping correct employee records and policies, complying with health & safety legislation and managing payroll and expense claims.

Claire Ward says that staying above the law is just the start: “We all know that people are a business’ greatest asset.

“Creating a great company environment, where everybody feels valued and engaged is now as much a part of a PAs role as managing their boss’ diary.

“But that doesn’t mean that they need to feel overwhelmed. Regular, clear communication with the team makes sure that everyone is in the loop and generates a positive, motivated workplace.”

TheHRHub is launching a “mini” monthly HR advice service aimed specifically at PAs and Office Managers to make sure that they are compliant with HR law and to help them manage their team effectively.

The HR Office Hub gives access to done-for-you content and coaching, which includes newsletters to build relationships with employees, guides to help navigate through employee relations, employment law updates, group support and community members and a monthly coaching call.


Picture of woman overloaded with stuff at work: istock/grinvalds