War Room

Jérôme Mandin of Pegasus Leadership and Guy Condamine of Virtual Cockpit UK have launched the new concept.

The ‘War Room’ is inspired by the approach of the Special Forces. It works to manage ‘exceptional situations’ using a simple and adaptable organisational approach and screen technology.

The combined efforts of French business Pegasus Leadership who offer leadership support and specialise in motivation and organisational success of business leaders delivered by former Naval Officers, and Virtual Cockpit UK who offer virtual cockpit and command centre technologies, will deliver business command centres with military precision, planning, and training.

The new War Room allows a team of leaders to work together to face any ‘exceptional situation’ within their company, equipped with a virtual company body central nervous system.

These situations can be anything from launching new products, integration of a new subsidiary company, management of high stake tenders, reaction to major incident, new market penetration, and digital attacks.

Guy Condamine of Virtual Cockpit explained “The concept has been described as a digitised version of Winston Churchill’s War Room, for business. We’ve called it the War Room because a good commander should know what is going on in the battle of business at all times”.

The first War Room will open in November 2016, with the digital control centre opening a month later, and the War Room will be delivered alongside Leadership training.