PopularBased on 20 years of research by Professor of Psychology Mitch Prinstein, Popular reveals the science behind our obsession with popularity, why we are often chasing the wrong ‘type’ of popularity, and how it affects us – socially, emotionally and physically. Popularity changes the wiring of our brains in ways that affect our social perceptions, our emotions, and even how our bodies respond to stress. Every single person is deeply affected by popularity – on a psychological and even a cellular level. But to build the best relationships and secure your happiness you need to pursue the right type.

We live in an era that is completely obsessed with popularity, both in the real and, increasingly, in the virtual world where hard data from our social media channels show us just how popular and visible we really are. Parents and teachers are becoming increasingly concerned about the high anxiety surrounding young people, and their insatiable appetite for acceptance online – all at the expense of school work, real friends and healthy self-esteem.

Popular reveals for the first time in detail what popularity is, why we care about it so much – even if we don’t think we do – and what kind of popularity is worth caring about and cultivating, even if we didn’t have it when we were younger.

Providing fascinating insights and guidance on an oft-overlooked subject that has implications across our whole lives – including our careers, the way we parent and our relationships – Popular is vital for anyone interested in understanding the social and personal implications of likeability and influence, as well as the key characteristics and habits of the most likeable and popular people.