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Entrepreneurial Ventures

Namit: Some of my entrepreneurial ventures are Oranz Spa & Salon and FlyDining Noida. The concept of “ORANZ” is very simple yet clear. Oranz believe that a visit to salon or spa, during moment of utter indulgence, should be simple and inexpensive. We adopt holistic approach to heal the body, mind and spirit and look at the body as capable of healing itself. “FLY DINING” is a lavish and luxurious experience that combines adventure and fine dining. It is a unique concept that enables you and your loved ones to eat, drink and be merry at the height of upto 50 meters/160 ft above the ground level.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Namit: Entrepreneurship is a journey and it seems everyone goes through it a little bit differently. Every entrepreneur have their share of failures and disappointments. The ups and downs an entrepreneur goes through are unavoidable. However, the ability to learn is required for succes. ORNAZ faced challenge in getting work permit for Thai staff from Thai embassy . FLY DINING had its own share of challenges. Getting NOC and passing all the safety guideline was indeed challenging. As our clients safety is our priority. But with perseverance we came out of all the obstacles in our journey. 

Millepreneurs Versus Other Generations

Namit: Indeed, it has become easier for our generation to take up entrepreneurship than previous generation. Getting finance for the startup has become easier considering how fast the number of banks have increased in past decade. Online network is so strong now. Online selling, buying, reselling, bookings, etc has made it all more easier and helped in spreading awareness about your start-up.. There are endless opportunities now. Even our nation and the whole world has become entrepreneur friendly now with their policies and initiatives. But as a coin has two sides to it. With increased opportunities, competition has increased enormously. So, you need to really work on your respective venture to help it thrive and survive the ever-growing competition.

Pandemic Impact and Road Ahead

Namit: This unprecedented pandemic has affected every sector across the globe.  It has brought the whole socio-economic structure to a dead end. It caused shutdown of restaurants, spas,gym,etc . Even during shutdown, we had to pay rent for our outlets. Our Thai staff were stuck here in India. We had to provide for our staff during lockdown as they were our responsibility. Our Business faced steep downfall. What kept us going was “We Are Not Alone In This “ and “This Shall Too Pass “. Now, we are all rejuvenated with increased sanitation and cleaning efforts . Our Client Is Our Priority. 

Advice for Aspiring Millepreneurs 

Namit: We can become whoever we want to be . It is all about analysing what people you admire the most do and incorporating those habits in your life. Get rid of bad habits right away. Be humble and learn. Good entrepreneurs have enquiring minds and never stop learning or asking questions. Get a mentor and learn from their failures. Read books. Plan out every day , work on those short term goals and achieve them. Accept honest feedback and embrace criticism, it will help help your business grow. A lot of entrepreneur started their own business while working for another job to pay bills. There is no shame in starting slowly. Just start. All The Best!

About the Passionate Millepreneur

Namit Bharadwaj is a serial entrepreneur, owns several evntures of which he has founded many of them. His businesses include – Oranz, Fly Dining, Noida, Bigg Daddy, Hotel Carlton Aura – The Body Spa, and several others.

About the Millepreneur Edition

Millepreneur edition puts a spotlight on the millennial entrepreneurs. Millennial entrepreneurs are a set of new generation entrepreneurs, brave and visionary. Armed with quality professional education and new-age technology tools, they are here to change the world and make it a better place to live. 

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