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The four defining pillars of the successful 21st century organisation

To complement our increasingly technology-reliant workplaces, surely successful 21st century organisations must focus on people and meaningful work. James Murphy, founder of Engage International and The Lotus Awards, finds that successful companies work within four pillars, either naturally or by design. The four pillars directly support success and high performance across the workforce, and Murphy considers them to be essential. Read about the four pillars and the applicability of the ‘COLOURS’ model.

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The Lotus Awards – a new way of celebrating company cultures

The Lotus Awards are a revolutionary way to recognise companies with great cultures. There are no categories, no entry requirements, and it’s free to enter. In this interview, James Murphy describes why he created the awards, what sets them apart, and he shares his views on fostering a collaborative culture. MARGINALIA readers are, of course, encouraged to enter their company by the end of March.

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