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Mapping the employee experience in the digital workplace

Which digital workplace tools create better employee experiences? What value can they deliver? And how can an organisation select the right tools for its situation? The Real Story Group has published the EmpEx 200 to explore the categories of digital tools while considering the employee experience. The chart showcases 200 tools that dominate the digital workplace experience. MARGINALIA spoke with founder Tony Byrne to find out what businesses can make of the chart and its underpinning research.

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Creating a digital destination for business transformation

Igloo Software helps companies around the world transform their business with a digital workplace platform that brings teams and resources together to drive productivity and support a positive corporate culture. In this interview, Vice President of Marketing, Mike Hicks, shares the best practices to create a digital destination that helps an organisation to improve communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and employee engagement.

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Corporate memory and the connected digital workplace

The value of corporate memory has never been in doubt, but how can it be nurtured and retained during a time of exponential technological change? Especially when employees change roles frequently, and contractors come and go. Elisa Steele, CEO of Jive, spoke about these challenges at a breakfast event in London, to shed light on how to ensure that memory does not walk out of the door when employees leave.

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