While we might not realise it on a daily basis we see our hands put under numerous amounts of pressure in the working environment. On average a person spends 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year sitting at a desk in the office. So it is important to make this a more rewarding experience for both the body and mind. Which is where Penclic offer an alternative solution that looks after your health while giving its users precise results efficiently.

Within your hands there are 123 named ligaments and 27 major joints. It requires 34 muscles to move your fingers and thumb that need to be looked after as your hands are used for numerous tasks for grip, percussion, expression, sensory and defence purposes.

hand2So all things considered setting up your work station is extremely important – your mouse should be to one side of the keyboard allowing you to complete tasks without hunching, stretching or leaning. The monitor should be directly in front of you at all times as the screen should be 15-25 inches away from the eyes. Your keyboard should also be above the thighs and have the ability to reach the keyboard with your elbows at either side of your body, bent 90 degrees.

While at your desk it is important to make sure you perfect your typing technique to optimize your efficiency levels. When using a keyboard keep your wrist straight making sure you put less strain on the tendons and nerves. When using your keyboard, you should allow your hands to float above the key board in order not to put pressure on your hands. As well as making sure you don’t strain your fingers, using your whole hand to type and a light touch.

penPencilc B2 is an innovative computer accessory, that needs to be an essential to any hectic working environment. With no set up required, it has an innovative design that swaps your regular computer mouse for a swiveling pen design. It gives the hand a more relaxed, comfortable and natural grip than the difficulties of a mouse. It also gives users more precise results in a shorter space of time without the need for a mouse pad.

Penclic K2 wireless mini keyboard is also a must have for your work station. It’s simple, sleek and combines contemporary design, superior ergonomics and function without sacrificing comfort for size. keyboardThe compact size allows you to position your hands to help reduce Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) issues from occurring. The comfortable quiet-touch keys minimise noise and require little typing effort.

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