1. unnamedMost people go on holiday to relax as much as possible however there’s no reason you can’t put some of that R&R time toward some professional and personal development. “What, that doesn’t sound relaxing?!” I hear you say, but before you scoff, have a think about what you would like to work on – maybe it’s self-motivation, maybe you want to learn to be a better leader or excel at coping under pressure. Maybe you want to work toward a promotion. There’s a book for that. Get googling, check out reader reviews and order yourself a gripping holiday-read. Best case scenario: you’ll be itching to get back to it and put your new found motivation and knowledge into practice.

  2. Prior to going on holiday, book in a chat with your manager for when you get back. Use the time spent waiting around in airport lounges (or time in the shower, on a walk to the corner store… you get the picture) to have a think about what you would like to achieve work-wise over the coming months. When you meet up with your boss, fresh from your holiday, you will be in a great position to carve out an action plan to work toward new work, plus map out career goals that support a better work-life balance in both the short and long-term.

  3. photo-1441109296207-fd911f7cd5e5Create a savings goal. Make it as small or as out there as you like. Maybe it’s for your next holiday or a family treat? Then reposition the way you think about heading back to work… the first day back is the first step toward a two week holiday in Bali, a new 78inch projector TV, your credit cards being paid off, or spending some quality time with your family. You get the gist.

  4. Turn the dreaded commute into the perfect time to learn a new skill. Always wanted to learn Spanish? Download an app like Duolingo and before you know it, you’ll be muy emocionado about the commute each day.

  5. Treat yo’self…  they say new gym clothes give you motivation to get into the gym and that what we wear in general has a definite impact on our behaviour, the way we act and how people perceive us. A cool new outfit then is just the ticket to give you that extra boost in heading back to work in style.

  6. Relish the structure that heading back to work gives you. Make one of your return to work goals about creating a smooth routine in order to make the following weeks easier to manage. For example, implement time management techniques and processes for managing and staying on top of the floods of emails you receive everyday and boost your productivity overall by segmenting your working day into manageable chunks . You will find it easier in the long run (with a little investment) to create good habits and routines right from the beginning.

  7. Of course, knowing you have an exciting job to head back to (or to go to for the first time) is motivation in itself. A recent survey found that nearly half of all workers in the UK would like a new job. Use your holiday time to register on Coople, enter in your specific job requirements and let the work find you.


Pictures courtesy of unsplash.com