Marina Militare – Italian Navy Sim will allow players to interact with existing aircrafts, helicopters and ships of the Italian Navy, in real scenarios reproduced by the development team at Rortos.

The game, soon available for Android and iOS, includes the navigation and the visit of the training ship Amerigo Vespucci.

Marina Militare – Italian Navy Sim has, for now, three simulation areas reproduced with satellite technology: Taranto, La Spezia and Catania. Each area has an integrated scenario inspired by real situations, plunging players in a sequence of missions. The pilot, or the Commanding Officer, will play his role in different vehicles of the Italian Navy and for each one a score will be assigned, based on his performance.

All scenarios have been created in high resolution. During the missions it will be possible to select or change the weather, the winds and the sea, the time of day, the location and the mission itself.

Rortos will launch new simulators during the year.

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