AI1One of the main challenges for HR professionals is to contextualise their needs – which part of the existing recruitment or selection process would genuinely benefit from technology such as chatbots, machine learning, and predictive analytics?

Resource Solutions latest eBook, Robot Revolution, identifies parts of the recruitment process that lend themselves to automation. It includes examples of existing robot and human interaction and early AI recruitment software that is worth considering.

Commenting on the rise of robotics and automation within recruitment Faye Walshe, Director of Innovation at Resource Solutions, says:

“With an increased focus on cost and time efficiencies, we’re seeing growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotic capabilities. AI in recruitment is showing incredible promise. It is a fast and growing space and we’re starting to see some exciting first movers enter the market.”

Among the software worth considering Mya is one of the technologies highlighted in the eBook. Mya automates the candidate communications process by providing candidates with up-to-date feedback and guidance throughout the process, and it can answer questions in real-time.

“We live in an expectation economy where candidates demand immediate feedback and status updates. Mya provides this 24/7 and frees up recruiters to focus on high-touch, value-add activities,” says Walshe.

She adds: “There will always be fear and a certain amount of risk associated with the adoption of new technology. But at Resource Solutions, we believe the benefit could outweigh the risk, and embracing the use of AI could allow our people the time to focus on the strategic imperative of creating closer human relationships with our candidates and clients.”