6F7F93BA-1A69-42AB-9805-C473AC9E8720.largeIt’s Mental Health Week in the UK. Good news awaits. Fear is not real, the only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts. So says the developers of a newly launched app named Recover. Cutting to the chase with a cognizant approach to garden-variety stressors and severe mental challenges alike, the app gives evolution a one-two punch. How so? It sidesteps debilitating symptoms and goes right to the root of the issue. Giving its users the information necessary to build resilience, the app takes a different route. It makes a place in line for stressors and then asks them to move aside for sustainable wellbeing via 19 happiness habits.

Armed with knowledge like how worry works the app is an action-based resource. Turning negative emotions into benefits, Recover shows its users how to turn triggers into mere signals for manageability. Apparently, it’s all in the doing. To help, it gives tools via an action planner armed with reminders to stay centered on what’s actually true about any given situation. Teaching the art of mindfulness, it strategically implies that fear is only as alive as one’s habits. Habits such as entertaining limiting beliefs.

Derek Garriock, Founder of Recover, says: “This app serves a universal cause. It provides a comprehensive overview of why stress is happening, what your emotions are telling you, and how you can “change how you feel”. It’s as simple as following some daily activities supported by new knowledge acquired from the app. It also provides tools to deal with realtime issues as you go through your daily life.”

Crossing all age brackets Recover is essential for users who are facing the mental challenge of serious illness, work stressors, or the emotional turmoil teenagers face. To that end, the Recover app gives employers an upper hand as well. It provides a way for teams to improve mental health and be more available for work tasks.

2A305E1E-7889-457C-9EC1-D419B727D448.largeGarriock adds: “One of the big issues in the workplace is that mental heath still has an attached stigma to it. Recover provides everyone with an understanding of what and how stress and anxiety are impacting our minds and bodies. The app explains how these are natural responses to the situations, demonstrating a healthy response. The core issue is that we have not evolved for modern ways of living and our thoughts of the past or the future can trigger us into fight or flight response when in reality there is no danger – it’s a perceived danger triggered by how we imagine situations to play out.

“Leaders in businesses can use this knowledge to support their teams’ mental heath. Simple things such as a daily mindfulness session could deliver great results. Or encouraging staff to take an exercise break can yield significant gains, 23% uplift in productivity on days when people workout during the working day!”

The stress reduction app is available for download through the Apple App Store.