FounderPrimo Toys, creator of Cubetto, a coding toy famous for introducing computer programming to girls and boys ages three and up without the use of screens, this week launched a new ecosystem of play maps and activity books on Kickstarter, that expand play and STEM learning around their coding system.

A year after its initial Kickstarter campaign, Primo Toys returned to the platform that birthed a global STEM movement in early learning and coding across 96 countries, to launch two brand new themed maps and story books: Polar Expedition, and Swarmy Swamp — the first two in a series of expansions set to be released throughout 2017.

Cubetto is the first programming toy approved by Montessori educators worldwide, making coding accessible to the youngest ever age group in history (three and up). The Cubetto playset consists of a friendly robot made of hard-wearing wood, a physical programming board, and a set of colorful coding blocks that make up a programming language you can touch.

Filippo Yacob, CEO, and creator of Cubetto said: “We successfully launched a product that made coding accessible while reducing screen time for girls and boys aged 3 to 6. What we missed was an ecosystem of meaningful extensions that elevate the ‘learning-through-play’ proposition, and that’s what this new launch is about.”

“We believe toys are only as good as the memories they create, which is why we designed Cubetto to be the centerpiece in a world of magical maps, epic stories, engaging activities, and super fun games.”

Map_SwampCubetto provides gender-neutral play that boosts a child’s creativity, critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills. Launched in March 2016, it became the most crowdfunded educational technology in Kickstarter’s history.

The toy is creating a learning environment that promotes inclusion. By combining movement, touch and sound, Cubetto also helps girls and boys with disabilities strengthen their focus through sequencing and communication skills. Because it doesn’t use language, screens, or Wi-Fi to function, it is accessible in environments where connectivity and additional technology is either inaccessible or difficult to get. A true resource for classrooms and homes worldwide.