PopicesPop reclaim the unused spaces that are closed during the day and turn them into pop-up coworking offices. Due to its nature, Popices is cheaper than standard coworking and pay-as-you-go. Perfect for entrepreneurs on a budget, early stage startups, freelancers, remote workers and the new breed of digital nomads.

By claiming spaces, such as restaurants, that are unused during their off hours, Popices is putting these places to work. An economical solution for everyone, the platform allows for property owners to maximize earning potential and is a more flexible and innovative way to experience coworking.

Pop2Popices, which launched on 1st February 2017. is currently only available in Amsterdam but its plans to pop-up in other cities across Europe soon. Its first spaces include Metobolic Lab – an office boat nestled amongst the creative community of De Ceuvel. Hotel not Hotel, an art-filled, contemporary hotel. And, De Culinaire Werkplaats – a design studio and restaurant for contemporary food concepts.

The company says, “Working in startups and often remotely, our team noticed that we were missing out on the social interactions that come with a normal office environment. Coworking is a great solution but can be quite costly for people on a budget. We knew, through our network, that there are many others in the same situation. We formed the team in April of 2016 and created Popices to counteract this trend.”