While other prestigious awards focus on intranet design, innovation, or indeed, on teams working on internal projects, the Intranet Now Diamond Award is for an individual who shares their experience freely with the world, for the benefit of all.

martin-and-sam-diamond“Our two past winners, Martin White and Sam Marshall (pictured right), clearly meet all the criteria for the award,” says Brian Lamb, Co-Founder of Intranet Now. “Self-confessed intranet addicts, each of them have been making intranets better for decades. Along the way they have shared what they have learnt in books and articles, at countless events, in casual conversations and in meetings big and small of intranet people everywhere.”

Wedge Black, also Co-Founder of Intranet Now, adds:

“Before blogging and social took off, I felt pretty alone in my intranet management work. But in the last ten years it’s become easier then ever to learn from others, and to get into conversations with peers. The Diamond Award is for someone who shares their journey and experience.”

wedge-sam-brian-diamondTo nominate someone who has made a long term contribution to the world of intranets, just contact Brian or Wedge with your nominee and a sentence about how and why they have made an impact on the intranet community.

The long list for the award will be published in due course.

The winner will be announced at Intranet Now on 30th September in London.


Pictures courtesy of Intranet Now