A2In 2015, 277 product recalls in the UK were related to labelling and packaging errors. People up and down the supply chain make mistakes every day and manufacturers need to be confident that their systems can detect and prevent them. Written by Wayne Johnson, OAL Connected Manager, the white paper provides insights into:

  • The top five reasons label and packaging errors in food manufacturing
  • How automation can prevent label and packaging errors
  • Ideas on the future development path of automation in food manufacturing

Wayne has worked in the food industry for over 20 years, on both sides of the retail fence for as Technical Manager for First Milk and a Supermarket Auditor for Somerfield. He now works for OAL helping food manufacturers eliminate errors, and explains:

“We published this white paper to help manufacturers understand the errors and risks they are exposed to every day and how they can use automation to overcome them. Every year there is more pressure for compliance and food safety, and ultimately paper-based systems can’t keep up. By using automation, manufacturers can eliminate human errors from tasks ensuring food safety and compliance.”

A1Wayne added: “An area of particular interest is the use automation to go paperless and remove paper checks from the shop floor. In this way businesses can offer much greater traceability to their food manufacturing systems. Automation places control of line setup at a senior level. Control then sits with senior staff who are accountable for food safety. Moving responsibility up the ladder is important. Imagine working nights. If you have been on continental shifts, switching from day to night, it’s going to be difficult to make the best decisions at 3am. Automation removes this risk, offering unparalleled adherence to detail and consistency.”