droneCOPTRZ has been created to help local and national businesses reap the benefits of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) within their operations to gain a competitive edge.

With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and innovation for the global shipping industry, the Martek Marine team saw a niche for drones in many other sectors.

UAVs can help businesses generate more efficient and larger data sets, and improve working conditions. Whether conducting safer inspections for high voltage power lines, or surveying agricultural fields, or even fighting fires, drones have a place on a company’s team.

drone2The adaptable technology means cameras and sensors manage tasks from a birds-eye view with ease: a survey or inspection that could take days and involve many hazards now takes mere minutes. The data sets are much larger and more detailed, and businesses can use the efficiency to make savings and boost profit margins.

COPTRZ aren’t just selling drones, either: they offer drone pilot hire for businesses wanting to use a drone for projects, and will even train a company’s staff.

streetIn fact, it is essential that any business considering using a drone either hires a qualified pilot or trains their staff, as the law requires all commercial work to be carried out by a licensed pilot.

“We’re excited to bring drones to businesses with a realistic approach,” said Steve Coulson, Founder of COPTRZ.

“We’re passionate about the possibilities drones can bring to businesses, from speeding up survey times to improving safety conditions for construction workers.”