From turning property into profit, achieving sustained business growth and maintaining a work-life balance, to understanding the changing face of business in Saudi Arabia, these books are designed to support business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs and investors.

9781119326403.pdfProperty Entrepreneur: The Wealth Dragon Way to Build a Successful Property  Business

By Vincent Wong

There is more than one way to break into the property game, and it doesn’t have to involve saving one large  deposit after another. Written by one of the UK’s most dynamic and respected property entrepreneurs, this book explains how anyone can make money from property, regardless of their financial situation.

Emphasising the importance of treating property investing as a business, the author shares his techniques and first-hand experience to help readers navigate the ever-shifting property market. The book covers tried and tested strategies beyond traditional approaches, to help anyone who wants to turn property into profit.

Upgrade Your LifeUpgrade Your Life: How to Take Back Control and Achieve Your Goals

By Pat Divilly

Pat started a small fitness bootcamp on his local beach which quickly grew into the largest fitness community in Ireland.

Since then, he has worked with an array of small business owners to help them achieve a growing business based on purpose, passion and profit, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

In his new book, the bestselling author, speaker and award winning entrepreneur offers advice to help people set and achieve personal and business goals, understanding that both are necessary in order to succeed in life.

Built To GrowBuilt to Grow: How to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth

By Royston Guest

For business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs struggling with a climate of uncertainty, change and low productivity, or start-ups unable to turn their founding vision into something more concrete, this new book offers a framework for repeatable, predictable and sustained business growth.

Written by leading business consultant and author Royston Guest, it is based on proven, practical strategies implemented in the real world with some of his most successful clients including large companies, mid-tier organisations, SMEs and small/home businesses.

9781118943960.pdfBusiness and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia: Opportunities for Partnering and Investing in Emerging Businesses

By Edward Burton

As the nation’s family-owned businesses change hands, business practices will be influenced by the ascension of the country’s young leaders.

Supported by the U.S. Saudi Arabian Business Council, this book introduces readers to the new Saudi entrepreneur and provides essential information for investors to navigate the changing tide of doing business in the region.

The book includes interviews with young Saudi entrepreneurs who describe the challenges, triumphs, failed attempts and successful endeavors they experience every day as traditional models bump up against modern, innovative ideas and methods.